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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Radical_53
    I guess most people would love what’s the idea behind this.
    One device for all, hassle-free, no fiddling. In theory, that is.
    Let’s see if this will ever work with “everybody’s” ears and headphones.
  2. x7007
    Keep updating us for firmware updates, I'll never know, because I never use it on the phone, only when released firmware update .
  3. Richter Di
    Sorry, I can only say this for the iPad Pro with Camera Adapter. And yes, this works.
    illram likes this.
  4. illram
    Thanks! I figure whatever works with the camera adapter will also work via USB-C, given Apple's artificial limitations on these outputs.

    Where do you find surround content on the iPad? I was looking around on my older Pro last night on Netflix and nothing showed 5.1, but the older Pro models may not have AC3 or DD+ codecs.
  5. innocentblood
    I believe you will not be able to get 5.1 surround sound out of iOS devices - only stereo. you can experience Netflix in 5.1 surround sound if you are on a windows 10 PC and using the Netflix app on it.
  6. illram
    The new Pro models (gen 3) list AC3 and DD+ as available formats but I am not sure if that just means it can output that via the USB-->HDMI dongle only. My "old" 9.7" Pro doesn't even list AC3 so, yeah not surprising nothing was showing up for me...

    I have a bunch of Windows PC's but am looking to upgrade my plane & travelling movie watching experience with the X-Fi, basically. Other than PC gaming I never really use it and figure this might be another use for it. Since I always cheap out for coach, the iPad is a lot more convenient than my laptop for that purpose....
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  7. x7007
    does anyone else getting sxfi app android update but it doesn't update? says 1.11.01 is newest while there is 1.12.
    there is no update button on playstore app and it says newest is 1.11.01.
  8. eliwankenobi
    Me I’m waiting for the iOS app release
  9. Richter Di
    Screenshot_20190227-185629_SXFI App.jpg
    Sorry, no idea. Mine updated.
  10. Cevisi
    Mine too
  11. Cevisi
    Can it be that after all these updates the amp does dont sound good anymore
  12. obiwon
    Mine sound the same. Maybe u have just gotten used to it? Try turning off SXFI for a while and then going back.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
  13. obiwon
    Btw has anyone gotten the SXFI Airs? I just got mine. It works pretty well. Had some difficulty setting up the Bluetooth pairing and getting sound to play. The signal from my PC was not strong enough so had to get a Avantree BT transmitter. Sound is good although not as good as with my LCD-4z. :wink: But I appreciate the wireless so I can walk around the house.

    Now if only Audeze would build SXFI into the Mobius!!!
  14. Zenvota
    And lose the fidelity of waves and the head tracking? why?
  15. obiwon
    Who said anything about losing?
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