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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. jaakkopasanen
    Would be really cool if they had one profile for generic neutral headphone (Harman target equalized). Then user's would be able to easily equalize any headphone supported by my AutoEQ project to neutral and enjoy the benefits. This would instantly get their coverage to over 1400 headphone models.

    I wonder what kind of frequency response their default profile assumes to have.
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  2. krismusic Contributor
    I really don't understand why the SXFi sounds so atrocious. Am I setting it up wrong, anyone else really pleased with the holographic feature?
  3. Cevisi
    I now what you mean. Just enable sxfi and listen to it for 15 minutes. Then it becomes to sound like natural and after that you dont want go back
  4. Ripley
    That would be awesome.
  5. Cevisi
    The app now got the equalizer too on the phone
  6. jazzfan
    Is anyone experiencing an elevated soundstage with the SXFI amp? For me, the front soundstage is elevated about 30 degrees. The degree of elevation will vary depending on the recording. For example, Diana Krall's voice appears at ~30 degrees above eye level with Temptation. However, on Just a Little Lovin', Shelby Lynne's vocals seem to be 5 degrees lower at around 25 degrees. In both cases, as with most other recordings, I hear a soundstage that is elevated above eye level. I've tried re-taking my measurements, but the results were the same. I'm using an HD800 with my Windows 10 system.

    Diana Krall - Temptation

    Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin' (WAV, DR14)

    Also with the 7.1 Surround setting in Windows, localization of surround channels is practically non-existent with this Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 demo.

    Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Speaker Test

    The Right Front, Right Surround and the Right Rear all appear to originate from a point roughly 30 degrees right of center. The same can be said for all Left side channels. All appear to originate from a point about 30 degrees left of center.

    It should be noted that separation using the Windows Speaker Setup dialog (see below) is notably better. With the Left & Right Surround coming from the sides, and the Left & Right Rears coming from slightly behind me. Also, as previously noted with music, for me all front speakers with this test are elevated above eye level.


    Even given the elevated soundstage issue I'm experiencing, for me, the SXFI amp has succeeded in presenting a slightly flawed but enjoyable speaker like experience in an affordable package.

    How has your SXFI amp soundstage localization experience differed from mine?
  7. Zenvota
    Youtube is stereo, you'll need to download the actual demos and play them back on mpchc vlc etc.

    I get the elevated speaker locations with some hrtf convolution as well.
  8. jazzfan
    Thanks, I appreciate the help! Also good to know I'm not alone in hearing an elevated soundstage.
  9. Zenvota
    @jazzfan Dont post any more, 666th post.
  10. sahmen
    I do have the Super XFi, but I am also a Mac OSX, and ios person through and through, when it comes to my phones, tablets and computers. That said, do I still need an android phone to do the Facial mapping profile thing, or can one now do the mapping on the ios App they seem to be talking about, which I haven't even seen yet...?

    By the way, my Super XFi has been here since January 2nd, and it is still sitting in a box unused, because of that "android phone" requirement problem, so I would like to find some way to get the mapping done so that I can enjoy it too. Btw, my inability to use the xfi is not by any means "tragic." I can always use the Audeze mobius for watching movies on my computer, if I need to... Still it is rather ridiculous to have the Super Xfi sitting in a box for almost 2 months without being able to use it, because of some lame "android phone" requirement.
  11. Falkentyne
    Firmware update out but requires phone to get it.
  12. Cevisi
    Got it already
  13. x7007
    with the HD800s I noticed you need to put the headphones on your head correctly or else the sound will be completely different.

    did anyone got the sxfi app 1.12 update ? it only lead me to 1.11 newest. is it just me or google playstore issue ? anyone notice any issues fixed with firmware?
  14. Falkentyne
    I just want to know if the reverb issue with 7.1 gaming is reduced any. Anyone have good enough ears to find out? Creative told me in an email that many gamers complained about that and it would be addressed, but "it would not be soon".
  15. innocentblood
    for those of us who have had success in getting surround sound from the SXFI amp when connected to the Nvidia shield, could you share some details as to what apps on the Nvidia shield works for you? in my case, I can get surround sound from the Netflix app but not amazon prime video. also when I try to play back mp4 files (1080p video encoded with 5.1 audio) using Kodi, I can't get sound out of the SXFI amp either.

    if anybody knows how to get the above scenarios working, please share here. Creative's support for the SXFI amp doesn't extend to getting it to work with the Nvidia shield :frowning2:
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