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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Falkentyne
    Found a serious bug:
    New firmware: (1.32.05 AMP):

    1) Microphone is unstable and has a strange clicking artifact whenever talking.
    2) Lots of static and pops (from the microphone, NOT from regular playback)

    These bugs did not happen in previous firmware. This bug is new to firmware that was released yesterday.
    The mic was extremely clear (although not that loud) before the firmware update.
    Changing headphone configurations have no effect.

    (previous firmwares also):
    Microphone mute and volume control has no effect.

    Can you guys please email Super X-fi team and submit these bugs so they are more aware of it?
    one address is team (at) superxfi (dot) me
    Or any other support emails from Creative.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  2. x7007
    do you mean statics and pops from audio not just mic? then it's serious. .
  3. Falkentyne
    No just the mic (mic playback and people hearing you talk on the mic has strange pops and a strange tone type sound randomly when starting).
    Yes it's serious if people are complaining about my voice in overwatch (when there was no problem whatsoever before this new firmware update; it was actually even slightly better (before the firmware update) than the GSX-1000's mic playback, which plays back in "tape quality").
    I went on discord to test it with a friend and he said I sound pretty bad now.
  4. Falkentyne
    Well that was fast! They identified the mic problem and addressed it in a new FW update.
    Now I can play Overwatch with voice chat again!
  5. obiwon
    glad to hear it. how do you like sxfi for games?
  6. Cevisi
    I ise the sxfi amp too for gaming i like the surround sound and bass that it brings but its my first amp i got nothing to compare
  7. Falkentyne
    Positional sound is definitely better than the GSX-1000 (which was previously the best positional sound I ever heard). I assume only thing that can beat the SXFI is the $3,000 (or is it $4,000 now) Realiser A16.
    Reverb however is sort of unnatural in FPS games. Though it isn't as bad as the Dolby Digital Live I remember having to use with my Mixamp.

    The one thing the GSX-1000 does better (similar to Creative's CMSS 3D and I assume the SBX used in the X7) is it doesn't add any reverb at all and keeps the sound almost completely unprocessed, so you don't need to get used to it (besides training your brain to see where the virtual speakers are). And the discord "voice communcation" volume knob on the GSX is so useful. And the push presets are good (more bass? yeah! Footsteps only? yeah. Make rear sound louder and front softer? yeah). I still like using it. Too bad it can't drive any headphones >150 Ohms, but if it's on sale, I would recommend that for new gamers over the SXFI because "it just works" (RTX Space Invaders).
    I am lucky I got it for $99.95 from brandswalk due to that famous Thanksgiving sale pricing error when the GSX first came out. Served me well (except I had to pay someone to solder a new micro USB port on it because the old one ripped off the solder after a very minor carpet drop...yikes).
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  8. Zenvota
    stand alone software, head size input variables, room size slider, optional head tracking unit.

    Audeze Mobius uses Waves NX plus builtin headtracking.

    stand alone software, presets taken using Realiser A8, presets ranging from gaming no reverb to movie theaters.

    software + head tracking

    OOYH is the only software available using measured room impulse responses and the others with head tracking. All are significantly better in externalization, positioning, and fidelity than gsx and sbx.

    In any case, I recommend to equalize headphones to have a relatively flat uncompensated response when using HRTF convolution.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  9. illram
    Sorry if this has been answered before but can anyone confirm if this works (AFTER you do calibration on an android phone) with iPad Pro's with the USB-C port?
  10. Falkentyne
    Sorry about that . I'm just a gamer. That's all I do. I'm not an audiophile.
  11. Zenvota
    xD hope I didnt come off ass a %#&@ just sharing other programs which I found to provide a much more enjoyable experience for gaming music and movies
  12. Falkentyne
    No, I'm just not into that stuff. I didn't even know all these other things even existed until this thread.
    I know how deep the rabbit hole might go and it takes alot of research but living on an fixed income I'll never be able to get the really good stuff. (like a Realiser A16). But maybe someday....
  13. Zenvota
    The OOYH gamer preset is $25, Equalizer APO is free, Waves NX is $10. Next step up is $100-150 for the measured room impulse responses(full OOYH license plus preset) or head tracking(waves nx or redscape).

    What we're waiting for is measured room impulse responses with head tracking for maybe under $300? xD
  14. johnn29
    That's the beauty of tech. I've just configured a preset with OOYH with a tweaked treble response that sounds way better than my real £15k system. The A16 is expensive now, but there's going to be a company that offers it cheaper. The Auto EQ project dev is also working on measuring your own impulses too. So in principle you could order a single high end speaker (say LS50 or the like). Take 7 impulse measurements at the 7 speaker positions and create a virtual 7.1 system for your own ears/room and sell the speaker. This is very quickly being a much cheaper hobby for me thanks to HRTFs.
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  15. froes
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