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Creative G5 discussion and reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by evshrug, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Jacobh
    I picked up an Omni and confirmed that it does output VSS over RCA. So this is an alternative to the G5 for people who prefer a more desktop form factor and still want VSS over line out.
  2. escknx
    So have they fixed that ?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  3. Evshrug
    I haven't seen anyone say that Creative added that. I wonder if the price of Dolby decoding went up, because there are a LOT less DDL over optical decoding DSPs with the PS4/XBO generation.
  4. Yethal
    Which would be a good thing if simultaneously more and more manufacturers adopted lpcm over hdmi as default audio source.
  5. Evshrug
    Yeah, a number of companies have said that they don't think they can do that. I wonder if there is some roadblock against doing that which I don't know about.
  6. beyersim52
    Hi. Who has an external microphone? You can check the microphone input of a sound card?
    You need to play a track with the music. Record a sound on an external microphone connected to the microphone input G5. Compare on hearing the original track and recorded. How do they differ? If you can, send me both tracks.
    I have a problem with the microphone input. When recording a sound through the microphone input level falls to almost zero and the remaining signal is distorted.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  7. RamGuy
    I'm considering getting this for my PC.. I'm currently using a Hegel HD12 DAC which works great but the USB-port is defective so I currently use it through SPDIF/Optical out from my Asus Maximus X Apex motherboard. Which is also working out great. I use Voicemeeter Banana in Windows 10 and the Realtek ASIO driver.

    My problem is when I sit at my computer and connect my Nintendo Switch. I have two monitors on my computer, and I tend to game on one and have a stream or something else running on the second one. I also do this when playing on console. The problem with the Nintendo Switch is the lack of optical output. I dock it in the docking station with a HDMI-cable to my primary monitor and then I have to take line-out from my monitor to line-in on the motherboard in order to get audio through my Hegel HD12 at the same time as I get audio from my PC. Connecting it directly to the Hegel won't work as I can't mix multiple inputs so then I would be forced to have audio from the PC or audio from the Switch.

    I can also use line-out directly from the Switch itself while docked instead of using line-out from the monitor but as the monitor is stationary while the Switch is not it only makes sense to do it the other way.

    My problem is the noise... The audio is simply horrible no matter what I do. I try to have low amplification on the line-in port on the motherboard and instead go with high volume on the monitor or the switch and the other way around but the noise floor is awful. Constant high pitched noise in the background and the audio is sparkling and crackling all over. I did not have this much of a problem with the audio before I did my upgrade, back then I had a Asus Rampage IV Extreme with defective on-board audio so I used a dedicated Creative Titanium HD audio card otherwise it was the exact same setup with HDMI to the monitor and line-out from the monitor to line-in on the Creative card. So I suppose its do to horrible amplification and horrendous shielding on the motherboard audio?

    When playing other consoles like the Nintendo Wii:U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 etc this is not a problem as they all features optical out then there is no noise whatsoever. With analogue on the other hand... Due to the lack of PCI-Express lanes on the Maximus X Apex as I already have 2x M.2 NVME drivers connected etc.. I guess I have to go external and I was looking at the Creative G5. Do you think it will do the trick?
  8. Yethal
    Just buy an HDMI audio extractor and be done with it.
  9. kevn
    What does the console issue have to do with Dolby decoding? I thought consoles supported outputting 5.1 LPCM over optical.
  10. Yethal
    They do but G5 does not support decoding it so it's a stereo only device on console.
  11. kevn
    I was mistaken. Optical only supports two channels maximum of uncompressed audio. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S/PDIF

    If you select LPCM over optical on the PS4, it likely just down mixes to stereo before outputting. The G5 would need a Dolby or DTS decoder to be able receive a surround sound optical input.
  12. Evshrug
    Consoles or PCs cannot support more than two channels of PCM over optical. HDMI can support 5.1 (I think even 7.1) LPCM, but to get more channels to fit through the limited bandwidth of optical (and playback as a “live stream” or bitstream), the surround signal has to be compressed and encoded (usually with Dolby or DTS).

    Back when I made my comment, the G5, on the other end of the optical signal, didn’t support Dolby decoding, or charge the extra price consoles charge to add USB support for surround, so whether you use USB (recommended) or optical there was no way to get a surround signal from console to G5. The G5 does support 7.1 over USB with PCs. That may have changed by now or not, I don’t know and can’t make new comments since I’m an industry insider now.
  13. beyersim52
    Can you comment on my post? Oct 12, 2017 at 6:46 PM Post #591? How to burn using G5 sound from a microphone that is connected to the input of G5 without distortion?
  14. Evshrug
    Do you mean putting a mic up to another speaker and trying to record the output, or recording the headphone out of some music player to the G5’s input?
    I’m not willing to do that, it would be a conflict of interest. Someone else might do it though.
  15. beyersim52
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