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Creative G5 discussion and reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by evshrug, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. jologskyblues
    True. My HD650 can get very loud with the G5 even at low gain setting. I do think that the G5 has a warm, full-bodied sound signature.
  2. MattKelly
    I hope I'm allowed to post this here (sorry if not!). I am looking to trade my Astro MixAmp Pro TR (latest version - black - PS4, PC, Mac) for a Sound BlasterX G5, if anyone is interested. Listing in the classifieds for more details. Thanks!
  3. LimelightLenny
    The PS4 doesn't know what optical devices are connected to it. It just knows that it is pushing sound out through the optical port. The G5 can only produce sound from the PS4 if you go to

    Sound and Screen
    Audio Output Settings
    Then on Primary Output Port you select DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL)
    Then on Audio Format (Priority) you select Linear PCM

    This will allow the G5 to receive sound coming from the PS4's optical port. I'm not sure how you would get chat functionality without the USB being in the PS4 or using a PS4 camera.
  4. xH4wK
    Sooo guys.. has somebody tested the virtual surround lately ?
    There have been some posts saying that you need at least 67% surround in order to differentiate between front/back can you guys confirm ?
    I purchased G5 because I have HD558 with modmic 4 and onboard is noisy at input and does not sound so great (cheap H110 motherboard)

    I wonder whether it is that bad really or people just didn't set it up correctly ?
    And after this thread (I read it all) I am wondering whether I should return it and get something else ?
    What are the alternatives in this price range ?

    EDIT: I have tested it and it seems that there is defeinitely something wrong with at least rear channels as they sound like they are on my head instead behind me,, dont know what's wrong.
    Edit2: Setting surround in SBX settings to 67-100% fixes that
    Last edited: May 6, 2017
  5. xH4wK
    I did a testing using https://www2.iis.fraunhofer.de/AAC/multichannel.html
    On both 5.1 and 7.1 surround settings with SBX surround at 67%
    Channel separation is amazing, I see (and hear) absolutely no issues.
    The only apparent difference is the more obvious reverb, metallic like sound..
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  6. ricon
    Iam new to this Forum hope its okay if i ask one thing on the Soundblaster G5. At first i have it and it really sounds amazing to me. I have put my 4pin Headset into the Headphone on front. Now my Question. I realize on Audacity the Gain of the Mic is really low. So my Voice is really quite. Is there a way to get a Mic Boost on the G5 Software? On my Windows 10 64bit System i only can see the G5 as Sound Device so i cant work with the usual Mic Boost functions like back in the Days. Greez from Germany i hope you understand what i mean :wink:
  7. xH4wK
    Yes, here:
  8. ricon
    Amazing thank you for the support. Does anybody have Audio Speaker on the external output of the G5? is that possible? What 2.0 Speakers are recommend for such a high qualitiy Audio Device?
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  9. xH4wK
    CFGamescape likes this.
  10. DrKrFfXx
    Hey there, after reading some of your replies, I became very interested in this product.

    All I am looking for is an USB DAC for my PS4 with clean sounding signal to pair with my Sennheiser PC373D. I don't care about surround sound and stuff as I always find it too distant and artificial. Just want good amp with clean stereo sound.

    Will this suffice? I can connect my headset with the included USB dongle, but it sounds just a tad low on the PS4. That's what I need some sort of amplification.
  11. canthearyou
    It will sounds awesome!
  12. DrKrFfXx
    In the end, I bought the Sennheiser GSX 1000 just to see if it worked with the PS4 and it does the job I want. Plus it was on discount at 149€ vs the normal 229€.

    Funny thing is that the stereo is reversed, it seems a common problem with DACs connected to the PS4, but I solved it.

    Source is rather clean and it works with the PC373D at higher volume than the included dongle. Sound signature is very dfferent, colder and thin with the dongle, warm and full with the GSX 1000.

    I'm still curious about the G5, maybe someone that has both can give us an insight.
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  13. xH4wK
    Gsx DAC and amp are inferior to g5
    If you want better sound then get g5
    Gsx is better for surround only on pc
  14. Jacobh
    Does anyone know if the Omni will pass virtual surround sound over both the optical and line outputs like the G5? Trying to determine if the Omni is sufficient for my needs where I want to basically be able to add virtual surround sound to an external headphone amplifier that I already have or if I need a G5.

    I know the Xonar U3 is an option for Dolby Headphone, but I don't believe that supports a line out so I'd need to use an external DAC in that scenario. I also don't want to use the software only because according to Creative that is licensed to a specific computer where I can move around an external sound card to different computers.
  15. SeanTek
    I've been researching the Creative G5 vs other options. Does anyone know what chip is used for the ADC? I want to check to see how good the mic-in is. Creative does not list the ADC for the G5 anywhere that I can find.
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