Colorfly C10 - Colorfly Is Back!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by edric li, May 1, 2015.
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  1. iJay
    You bet! All that music is still on my Cloud Drive, LOL! Thought I should leave it just in case.
  2. puppyfi
    Creating favourite from any album

    Favourite Folder as seen when powering up C10

    Inside the Favourite Folder
  3. iJay
    So Far of my favorite tunes for sure!
  4. puppyfi
    Lol...guess I must have been spoilt by my collection of cheapskate DAPs. I'm so used to using DAPs with poor features.

    No gapless, no resume of last play track when power on, no auto play next folder when current folder finished, no USB DAC function, poorly organised file structure (not in alphabetical order)...C10 has them all.
    But still...I'm happily using C10 everyday.

    Just for interest, how is the sound comparison between C10 and N5 II (Cayin?)?
  5. Rendster
    I wonder how is the sound quality of this DAP when compared to DAC/AMP like Dragonfly Red and ifi nano black label. I was considering the two but ended getting this since i think it's more value for my money plus it's cheaper and i could get them without paying taxes to customs. Also how does it compare to the likes of aune m1s? I read aune m1s is the best for its price range. I was also considering that DAP.
  6. HombreCangrejo
    I'll tell you in aprox. 10 days, as I took the N5 II on preorder in AMP3, and they expect them on Jan 5th.
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  7. Dark Helmet
    Get Drive Sort to help fix the SD card alphabetical order.
  8. silverfishla
    Awesome sauce!
  9. silverfishla
    I have the Aune M1s. Some people really love it, but I don’t. It’s very clear sounding, yes, with a very black background. It’s missing that “organic” sound that I like. I think the Shanling M3s is more to my particular liking and with a better UI.
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  10. Dark Helmet
    I have the M1s too and the C10 smashes it in my opinion. The M1s is sterile and lacks deep bass. Biggest waste of money in this hobby for me.
  11. Rendster
    IMG_20180102_124819.jpg This may sound stupid but when should i confirm the receipt? After receiving the c10? :frowning2:
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
  12. HombreCangrejo
    Of course. Never do it before, although one forum member had problems (the tracking stopped updating) and they said he had to get from the postal office a signed and stamped document, saying they didn't deliver. It's in the Obscure Chinese DAPs thread.
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  13. HombreCangrejo
    Thanks. I know, I use FAT Sorter, but it takes a lot of time whit a 32Gb card, so imagine what it would be with an almost full 64Gb one. Also, I have to do it each time I make changes. Problem is, I don't have the time for doing it so frequently. I was used to the UI of the DX50, that in the latest fw versions worked very smoothly (note: I only use folder browsing), and really liked its little touchscreen. Instead, C10 is a step up in terms of sound, but for daily use I need something easier to use, and that's why I'm going to the N5 II.
  14. Dark Helmet
    That is true. I have all (most of my music on a 200GB card) and it took about an hour and a half on Drive sort, but now I am done for the most part.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  15. juStmEetmeAGaIn
    It’s also may be stupid from my side but;
    Without confirmation I couldn’t finish my purchase. So I pushed the button if I remember correctly. Then I’ve got few emails from JOYBUY with order confirmation. It’s still ships but soon I’ll receive it. 10/12 days more I think:)
    Was shipped Jan 10th from China.
    JD support said “its ok, don’t worry, your parcel is on the way”. :)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
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