Colorfly C10 - Colorfly Is Back!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by edric li, May 1, 2015.
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  1. refuserQ
    C10 is better than your among daps?
    Shozy Alien so good dap i think realism and tonality etc. So c10 is upgrade to shozy alien? I wonder quick impression that two daps. Thanks
  2. puppyfi
    Shozy Alien is very good, very musical, still a favourite among my DAPs.

    However, to my ears, with the right combo, C10 is at another higher level.

    C10 has better details retrieval, better instruments separation, very impressive soundstage portrayal , also excellent voicing, non fatigue, suitable for long listening and very musical (all genres, jazz, rock, classical...).

    With C10, I can better distinguish and appreciate different recordings (example, I have Norah Jones Come Away With Me in WAV, HDCD 24bit and DSD), as well as able to rediscover all my music collection.

    But this is just my own personal impression (from a low fi cheapskate simple music lover).
  3. Sulbh
    Can you comment on its soundstage?
  4. puppyfi
    Please refer to Twister6's review of Colorfly C200.
    C10 should be similar (or may be better).
  5. Dark Helmet
    Have you compared it to the AK70?
  6. puppyfi
    Sorry, have not listen to AK70 before.
    I only owned a AK Jr.

    But my personal opinion is such....unless AK70 is better than AK Jr by few notches, I don't think AK70 can touch C10 for sound.

    Still, a lot depends on synergy between the DAP and the IEMs/Headphones that you own.
  7. puppyfi
    Here's a comparison chart on 9 DAPS by 2 Chinese reviewers done on late 2015:-
    AK Junior, Cayin N5, Colorfly C10, Fiio X5ii, Hifiman HM650, Lotoo Paw5000, QLS QA360, Sony NW-A27 and Soundaware M1.

    The first 2 columns on the left are the sound scores given by the 2 reviewers.
    As can be seen, C10 scored a high 51 (27+24), only bested by QLS QA360.
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  8. iJay
    Interesting! Thank you for that. I have been looking at the C10 but the lack of f/w support is kinda frustrating. I love my C3 (listening to C3/Nx1/PortaPro right now) so I guess the lack of f/w shouldn't truly bother me too much.
  9. Sulbh
    Has anyone tried Hifiman hm802?Its available for 250 at joybuy.
  10. puppyfi
    I've used DAPs that frustrated many for their lack of support or firmware upgrade (HM650, AK jr, C3, Alien...).
    But I only bought them when they are on the cheap as I only care for sound.
    If you have used C3 before, you should be fine with C10.
    Other than sound that is top notch, C10 has quite a few negatives, like first few seconds cut off of track for every songs via headphone, no auto track resume after shutdown, no gapless playback, no USB DAC playback....
    If you can look beyond all these negatives, C10 is a steal if you can get it cheap.
  11. puppyfi
    HM802 is at the higher end series of DAP among Hifiman (I only owned HM650).
    It should be very good (better than C10 I believe).
    It can use different amp cards (like Fiio X7 or iBasso D200) to further upgrade sound.
    However, the amp cards are not cheap. Each card can buy you another DAP like Fiio X1ii, X3ii or Cayin N3.
    Also, the DAP don't use normal USB port to charge. It uses an expensive proprietary BRICK power adapter (becos of this, I would consider very carefully)
  12. Sulbh
    How about LG v10 or v20 would you say c10 is an upgrade I can get a used v10 for around 130 around same price as c10 I don't use any streaming service and no equalizer so extra features of lg are of no use to me.
  13. puppyfi
    One is a dedicated DAP, nothing more.
    Another is a high end phone with high quality DAC built in for sound.
    I've seen people happily listen to their top of the range IEMs with iPhone.
    All I can say is, everybody's need of SQ and perception of sound may be different. Again, synergy between combo really plays a big part.
    If you're interested, you may check on the LG V20 thread (There's a post on someone who even prefers the sound out from LG V20 to Fiio X7).
    No further comments from me.
  14. silverfishla
    Does anybody know if the Coolorfly has a true Line Out? I’m looking for a DAp that has a true Line Out and not just attenuated volume.
  15. Blazer39
    just did my first blind purchase for an audiophile item.. bought C10 from joybuy.

    it was either this or cayin n3, SQ is the only i thing i care about, so hopefully i chose right :cold_sweat:
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