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  1. Guidostrunk
    My go to right now. +2 on the Burberry. 02_produit-A.png
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  2. Podster
    THX Guys, I guess when I say go-to I mean what I wear after hours and date night with the little lady:wink:

    These right her are my daily workers at the office, maybe it's just how it mates to my personal Fear-Moans but the office ladies all go nutz for the BR "M"!!

    Daily Scents.jpg
  3. dropbassnotbomb
  4. Podster
    Nice, have not worn Boss in a while but loved the original way back when:beerchug:
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  5. animeismylife
    Hehe, glad this thread exists... Was madly into fragrances till last year, but many changes happened in life so haven't been able to give this hobby the attention it deserves. Two fragrances I regret not having in my collection are: Ryder & 33 by Ex Idolo. Will buy these the first chance I get ^__^
  6. SilverEars
    My fav cologne is Hugo by Hugo Boss. The scent on this so unique(it's not feminine or masculine, in the middle I'd say), and it's the kind of scent that opposes bad odors, it neutralizes. It's practical and smells like one of a kind, and girls like the smell. I think girls like it since it has clean and fresh type smell to it, not like a typical male cologne that can be overwhelming stench.

    Now I'm curious how the other Hugo Boss colognes smells like.
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  7. RazorJack
    Hugo by Hugo Boss is an all-time classic. Boss Bottled is another masterpiece. Pretty sure these two will still be popular 20 years from now. My scent of the day is actually Boss Bottled Intense. Slightly woodier and less sweet than the original.
    There are a lot of other flankers in the Boss Bottled line, but they all suck in my opinion, except Boss Bottled Oud (which unfortunately is quite hard to find).

    Since my last post in this thread I've bought a few more fragrances, and as of right now my favorite is Dior Fahrenheit.
  8. The Fife Flyer

    If you want to be beating the ladies off with a big stick, then acquire yourself this
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  9. mlavin
    Another plus one on Touch by Burberry!
  10. Redcarmoose

    Strangely simple in this part of the world where men wear woman’s cologne.
  11. Podster
    I recently picked this up and really like it, smells like fresh linen's on me after the initial blast! Good call Mr. BigX:thumbsup:
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