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  1. screwdriver
    u can go to facebook and join a few groups where u can buy decants or small portion of a full botlle and u will be able to use it and save money .
    the groups u can join 
    fragrance swap
    fragrance guru nation
  2. heatofamatch
    I knew I could look for decants online and was hoping to avoid those types of interactions, but thanks for the tip, it's certainly appreciated.
    Next scent of interest: armani code sport athelete, reviewed surprisingly well at fragrantica XD
  3. Eclipse-fi
    Xerjoff - Nio is one of my favorites for the summer heat.
  4. Podster

    Both great scents and yes the original Armani is getting harder and harder to find/get[​IMG]
    I love the Creeds, most work well at fighting all the garlic and onion I put in my body[​IMG] HeatOf, Aramis has always worked with my body and to this day women still love it on me[​IMG]
    Tom Ford is good stuff but like the Creeds will drain the old wallet in a hurry. Been working the John V's this last year along with Mount Blanc[​IMG]
  5. Time Diver
    I personally like flowrhead by byredo, I love the smell of tuberose. Currently using new-york by Nicolai.
  6. Eclipse-fi
    Are we allowed to post up splits/sales on here?  I run splits on fragrances weekly and wouldn't mind sharing some here if it's something the community would be interested in.
  7. customcoco
    I wear Eau Sauvage by Dior pretty much daily.
    Jermyn Street and Etton College by Taylor of Old Bond Street are in the most used rotation, along with many, many others [​IMG]
  8. Don Wolfberg
    Hugo Boss, Aramis, Clive Christain 
  9. bigx5murf
    This is the only stuff I've tried, that has caused women who were literally total strangers to inquire. For some reason, my mother hates it. My sister immediately went and purchased it for her fiance at the time. I ended up dating my hair stylist because of it, and a blackjack dealer as well. I haven't worn it while with my current gf yet. Waiting for when I need to smooth something over with her first.
  10. RazorJack
    Hugo Boss The Scent
    Starts fruity and strong but over time completely changes to a very pleasant leathery smell. It's relatively new and I'm a complete fragrance noob, but apparently it's love it or hate it with this one, judging from reviews. Needless to say I love it :)
  11. WraithApe
    A couple of faves from CDG:
    Black - Opens with birch tar, dries down to a smoky incense. A hit of darkness.
    Hinoki - Great fresh pine, woody scent.
  12. dropbassnotbomb
    Boss 'Bottled Intense' today...smells good
  13. JSands82
    I like the Lacoste White, good smell. Got it as a gift, not bad.
  14. Podster
    My current two faves are:
  15. dropbassnotbomb
    +1 for Burberry 'Touch'. One of my favorites too.
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