Closed Back Orthodynamic Headphone Thoughts
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Jul 28, 2017
Hello All,

I'm looking to acquire some closed back planar magnetic headphones to use at work. My budget is in the $300 range. I've got a Schiit stack to power them. I've looked at the Oppo PM-3's which I'm interested in. The Audeze EL-8's do not. Does anyone have any thoughts on any other cans? Fostex TR60RP's?
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The Modhouse Argon is in that price range and they sound awesome. If you don't want something that boutique (you have to send the headphones to them, and it takes a few months to get them back) the ZMF Classics are in the same price range and it's my understanding they sound very similar to the Argon, slightly less bass.
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Oppo closed shop in the spring, so the PM-3 no longer exists as new. Maybe you could find it used for a fair price, but then there's no warranty. The plan was that the company would be available for repairs, etc., but who knows how much longer that will last.
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Modhouse Argon Mk3 with ZMF protein pads, or ZMF Classic. These are very nice modded Fostex T50RP MK3's, curing its biggest problems. The T60RP is also a modded T50RP but supposedly still doesn't even have sub-bass, while the Argon and Classic easily go down to around 10 Hz.

The Argon Mk3 and Classic sound extremely similar, the Argon just has even MORE bass. A ridiculous amount, too much for many since the Classic still has a lot. Though it doesn't totally drown out the mids on the Argon. Both have a clean but subdued treble response, some of the darkest headphones I've ever heard that still have some treble extension.
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I'll also endorse the Argons. I suggest going for perforated/fenestrated pads (like the perforated version of ZMF's Ori pads) instead of the pads that are usually recommended (ZMF Oval). Perforated pads reduce the bass a bit but improve soundstage.

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