1. eric65

    Moondrop VENUS Planar (and PARA): two surprisingly good orthodynamic headphones with an excellent driver, at a still reasonable price.

    Moondrop VENUS Planar (and PARA): two surprisingly good orthodynamic headphones with an excellent driver, at a still reasonable price. Following a friend's purchase of this Planar Moondrop VENUS headphones, which he compared to a whole list of headphones, I decided to buy one; order in...
  2. voja

    Planar-magnetic vs Isodynamic vs Orthodynamic — ending the century-old terminology debate

    All three of these terms have been used simultaneously for the past several decades. It's been a true nightmare, because they do not have the same meaning and don't relate to the same concept. I am calling all Head-Fiers to help me out to define each one of these. Orthodynamic is a term that...
  3. Yamaha YH-5000SE

    Yamaha YH-5000SE

    Overview: Flagship Headphone that offers ultimate True Sound using an Orthodynamic® driver. Yamaha True Sound allows you to immerse yourself in a world of sound and music Yamaha Orthodynamic® driver provides sonic accuracy and enables ultra-responsive performance Ultra-lightweight, thin-film...
  4. voja

    History of orthodynamic (planar-magnetic) headphones

    Some time ago when I was reviewing the Dekoni Audio Blue, I wondered about the history of orthodynamic headphones. To my surprise, I had a hard time finding it in one place. I had to research for weeks to extract little bits of information. Unfortunately, the history of planars isn't that...
  5. I

    Newby with new (for me) headphones looking for amp recommendations.

    A couple weeks ago, I got a pair of Yamaha HP-1 orthodynamic headphones at an estate sale ($5!). All I have to drive is a ten year old Technics receiver. I would like to get a dedicated amp that I can place on my desk and connect to my computer. I have read that these types of headphones require...
  6. Torac

    DIY Planar/orthodynamic/isodynamic drivers

    Hi, Been working on this project for a few months now and thought it would be nice to share. I have been working on making my own self designed and constructed Planar drivers. My intent is to eventually try and sell them for diyiers or anyone who wants to get their hands on a pair to experiment...
  7. nnordstr

    Closed Back Orthodynamic Headphone Thoughts

    Hello All, I'm looking to acquire some closed back planar magnetic headphones to use at work. My budget is in the $300 range. I've got a Schiit stack to power them. I've looked at the Oppo PM-3's which I'm interested in. The Audeze EL-8's do not. Does anyone have any thoughts on any other...
  8. Bloos

    Amplifier designed for Planar Magnetics

    Does anyone know of any headphone amplifiers specifically designed for the high current demands of planar magnetic headphones?