closed back headphones
  1. SIVGA Oriole

    SIVGA Oriole

    DESCRIPTION: * The combination of wood and metal materials makes a classic and compact design. * Wood housing is made by hand with fine workmanship. * Metal parts made by multiple processes for high-end look and durability. * The headband is designed light, comfortable and wears no pressure...
  2. Thenewbie76

    Argon MK3 vs Emu wood series?

    Greetings, I am looking for a close-backed headphone and am having a hard time choosing between the Argon MK3 and Emu wood. This is the music that I mainly listen to. Bass-heavy and/or vocal-focused music, like RnB, Rock, Hip-hop, and Electronic music. I also game a bit but it doesn't have to...
  3. N

    Need some relatively budget recommendations for closed back headphones.

    I'd Like some closed back headphone suggestions. Although, please consider the following if making a recommendation: *They need to have a high sensitivity (I may be running them on my phone) *I prefer a warmer and impactful bass sound signature *Extra points for a wooden back! That is all...
  4. J

    Sub $500 Balanced Closed Back Headphones for Jotunheim OG W/DAC

    The title kinda says it all, what is a good sub 500 closed back and balanced headphone for the Jotunheim OG with a AKM Dac (may upgrade to the ESS.) I'm upgrading from the Jot OG to Jot 2 for my main system and I am planning on bringing the Jot OG to work to have on my desk. From what I...
  5. ZzBOG

    Stellia vs ZMF VC vs Sony MDR Z1R vs ...?

    I am looking for a closed back headphone to go with my HD800s which I love, but can't use sometimes when it's too loud in the office. I have Z7M2 and while they are very comfortable and alright-sounding, I need more soundstage. Also Z7M2 suffer from a weird bug - they hiss (I am using Topping...
  6. MoonAudio

    Best Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio
  7. John88

    Ultimate 'travelling' closed back headphones?

    I'm interested in recommendations for closed back headphones for a specific use not well-catered for by manufacturers because of the popularity of bluetooth headphones which is travel - both commuting and holidays. I want something worth listening too on a bus, train or plane, but also good...
  8. E

    Dali io-6 vs Wired Closed Back Headphones for Classical Music

    Hi Guys! I was wondering if wired headphones like SRH940 ,AKG K550 ,DT660 with $100-$200 dac would sound much better than the wireless $500 Dali io-6 . If so, what closed back headphones and dac would you recommend for classical music in similar price range? I'm a music student so detail is...
  9. KaneMaxxx

    Closed back over-ear headphone for Metal music around 250$ (SOLVED!!)

    Hi all, Sorry for the long post (and apology as it's my first one).I want to ask some help to find a good spec of over ear headphone to listen my favourite music's. I've browsed tons of articles forum Other forums Youtube Facebook groups, Amazon reviews but when i've found something...
  10. K

    AKG 361 vs AKG mk553?

    I've been using the SHP9500 for a few years now and am looking for a closed-back headphone. I want a neutral/bright headphone and I'm wondering how these two compare. The 553 is much older but I read it has a lot better soundstage than the 361 which I like. I guess I'm asking if it's worth the...
  11. Squish

    Closed Back Recommendation Under 200$?

    yo I have a magni/modi stack, a pair of dt 990s and HE400se. I'm looking for a closed back pair of headphones that will scale relatively well with my dac/amp stack. I've been looking at the dt880s but I'm not sure if I want 2 pairs of beyerdynamics. The massdrop Meze 99 noir has an interesting...
  12. TSAVWayne

    New Flagship Headphone "STEALTH" From Dan Clark Audio, Now Available To Demo.

    The "STEALTH" Flagship Closed Back Headphone From Dan Clark Audio Is Now Available To Demo In Our Headphone Bar.
  13. scottyman

    Trying to find some old headphones I used to own

    Hey team I’m trying to find some old studio monitor headphones I used to use in radio I can’t remember what brand they were (the label rubbed off after many many years of use) but they were solid white shell closed back, with soft leather earcups and a stitched leather and steel band They...
  14. TSAVWayne

    The New STEALTH Closed Back Reference Headphone From Dan Clark Audio

    Announcing The New Flagship STEALTH Closed Back Headphone From Dan Clark Audio. Now available to order, the first batch of 100 is almost gone with more coming shortly. They will start shipping next week. We will have one in our Headphone Bar for demo purposes soon, look for the shout out...
  15. sennheiserhd485

    Why are super expensive closed back headphones created?

    Why are super expensive closed back headphones created? I ask because, isn't it true that open is always going to be the superior design for raw sound quality?
  16. JCRG

    Something similar to Nightowls but with better 1.2 khz to 10 khz response

    Looking to upgrade from my Audioquest Nightowls, cans with superb sound and sublime soundstage, but that factually suffer in the upper midrange (?) to lower treble regions. Recently I tried the Ultrasone Signature Studio, but man, they were super harsh to my ears. I am returning them as I type...
  17. E

    Fake Sony mdr 7506?

    I bought a pair of mdr 7506 for 109$ but when I opened it up I found that the bag was fabric with a felt inside and a black embossed sony logo instead of the white one on a leather bag most people say they have, this is my first pair of mdr 7506 so I cannot tell if the sound is supposed to sound...
  18. LoyalPotato

    Closed backs up to ~100 €/$

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to hear some opinions about which closed back would be a good pick, around the 100 €/$ mark. I’m planning on getting a Fiio btr3k to serve as an amp/dac (in case some new suggestions required an amp to power). From what I’ve seen so far, it’s between: ATH-M40x...
  19. M

    Smooth closed backs for ~600$

    I’m wanting to upgrade from my nighthawks, and want something nice and smooth with a good beefy low end. Any recommendations? Will be using an ifi zen dac to run it.
  20. A

    DT1770Pro vs DT177x Go? Or just go for Dan Clark Ether CX 🤔

    I have had attempted multiple search, yet i am not able to make any conclusion. Help: I am very confused between DT177x Go or DT1770 Pro, and i will be able to get them at same price of $450. Or should i spend more and just get the Dan Clark Ether CX for $750 on sale? Also, i want to use stock...
  21. they huggin.jpeg

    they huggin.jpeg

    They are both exquisite in each one’s application.
  22. A

    I need some tips before I pull the trigger between the fostex th610 or the denon7200.

    Hello guys, I want to buy the Fostex th610 or an Denon d7200. I like the rumble in my lows but also a great sounding mids I would really appreciate if somebody can tell me the differences between these two in terms of lows and mids. I also got the DT-1990 pros and expect them to excel them in...
  23. reiten966

    Best Closed back headphones?

    Home office is becoming a new norm, and a closed-back can is essential for blocking noise from kids or other people at home. Does anyone have recommendations for TOTL closed-back headphones?
  24. M

    300$-500$ Closed Back Headphones Recommendations

    Looking for a closed back recommendation around 300$-500$ which will be powered by a Schiit modi/magni stack. I already have a HD6xx but need a closed back pair for when it gets loud in my house. Currently eyeing up a Shure SRH1540 or Denon AH-D5200, any thoughts? I'd prefer a sound signature...
  25. Shabda

    Open sounding closed backs

    Hi All, I just stole a set of akg k533 mkii’s for 100 bucks and now i’m a believer, but they arent the most comfy for me. Too heavy, loose fitting. Can anyone recommend other closed backs that are surprisingly open sounding? Not really too concerned with good isolation. I hear srh 1540s are...