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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mojo ideas
    I'm guessing that your IEMs are of some of the very best Many of these IEMs have very low impedances of just eight or sixteen ohms. This being the case with these difficult to drive types the output stage of Mojo is using more current therefore the battery playing time will be somewhat reduced.
  2. music4mhell
    try to listen the same song using this usb cable and another usb cable like amazon basics or monoprice...u can listen a clear difference in sound quality ..
  3. Wyd4
    I love the mojo so much I just bought a second one after having to pawn my first one to cover some unexpected expenses that were a little more pressing than a hobby.

    After a few days over the long weekend of busy family activities it's nice to just relax and listen to some music. Currently just iPhone as waiting on delivery of mojo. But it's great to just wind down with a scotch some music and of course the mandatory baby monitor.

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  4. lukeap69

    Right, I will try with other cables later.
  5. aangen
    I am going to say bah. You are talking about a noticeable sound improvement going from one $6 cable to another. 
  6. music4mhell
    yes and that other cable of mine is $4 which is less than $6 ...so its not about the price always :)
  7. captblaze
    my 12 year old Shure E5Cs are high impedance (110 ohm) and high sensitivity (122dB), so I don't have to run the volume all the way to the bottom or have to overdrive any dac/amp I have had them connected to. and as far as my ears can tell, the noise floor is lower with Mojo  than my last combo. battery is well within spec while listening to many different audio formats as well. My wallet thanks you Chord Electronics, cause even though Mojo is $600 US I wont need to cycle through multiple systems trying to find an adequate mobile solution
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  8. aangen
    Your left sock is 6% more comfortable than your right sock. And you can tell. :)
  9. music4mhell

    just try to listen one of ur favourite song using this cable and with another normal usb cable plus otg..

    u urself can hear the difference...
  10. opienor
    I had a similar moment one of the first times I listened through the Mojo. Listening to one of my favourite songs I noticed  a faint sort of clicking sound in the background. I immediately thought there was something wrong with the playback or the Mojo itself. Further "investigation" proved it was actually the pick attack from the guitar player hitting the strings of his acoustic guitar. I have listened to this song a 100 times throughout the years but never noticed this. Got to love moments like that:)
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  11. AndrewH13

    Was there too, Wembley Arena in the round:smiley: With a revolving stage if my memories correct! RIP Chris Squire.
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  12. Peter Hyatt

    No, this is a typical response.  
    As you go back and forth, the Mojo brought out the sound and you learn to hear it.  
    highlight the exact thing you heard on Mojo, and compare it to what you now hear on iPhone and compare the difference.   
    We've been doing this for awhile and have found that some things are just so recessed without mojo that it was not heard, but once recognized and heard, it is still quite recessed compared to the beauty of Mojo.  
    We've been having fun doing this very thing, including something similar with Tidal and iTunes.  
  13. Angular Mo
    Does "sell your coat..."
    Mean that I ought to dump my other equipment because my Mojo is that good?

    What is a Spurgeon? (Please be kind)

  14. Peter Hyatt

    It would be fun to hear this (which is why I posted "Mojo's Greatest Hits", so if you could put the artist, album track and even the time you heard this, it would be a blast to follow up.  
    As to battery life, I do find reduced life if left standing, though my portable time is not much.  I use it as full time desk dac/amp but when going for a walk or hike, Mojo comes with me.  Some mobile listening is with 600 ohm, but most is with much lower resistance in ears.  
  15. Peter Hyatt

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon, mid 1800's, UK preacher.  
    His sermons were collected in large multivolume books "The Metropolitan Pulpit" (more than 50 volumes) which I really did sell items to purchase back in the day where we turned pages! 
    They are both educational and inspirational and a 'watershed' moment of learning for me. All these years later, I still turn to him for counsel in an uncertain and sometimes frightening world.
     There have been a few other things in life, so valuable, that they are worth selling things to obtain. 
    I feel strongly that the Mojo's permission to hear definition and musicality is one such purchase that no music aficionado should miss.  Many are intimidated by audiophile prices and even terminology and think audiophiles buy music to listen to their gear.  Mojo is high end gear for the music lover. 
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