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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Carl6868

    I know you have ordered the 8cm cable but if its not shipped from the UK which I'm guessing it isn't then you could be in for long wait, I ordered 2 short OTG's which came from abroad and took over 2 weeks to get here, when I got my mojo I made sure I got a normal USB OTG adapter as in the links above so I could use the mojo and then worried about getting a short cable later !
  2. esm87
    I could do, the charging cable seems pretty stiff to bend over, as though it would put alot of stress on the connection joints, maybe its fine? Im planning on adding velcro to each side to stick them together. I wont be connecting it with the bands, anyone else velcro this to the back of their phone case? I'll have to punch out the little holes on the corner for the rubber grips for desktop should I need it
  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    Since the QP1R will simply be a transport to the Mojo it will sound like the Mojo. You will be bypassing the internal DAC and Current Mode amplification on the QP1R.

    You need a 3.5mm optical to TOSlink optical cable, and Moon Audio sells them
  4. Peter Hyatt

    You word it better than I do.
    I think the longer we listen via Mojo, the more detail we train our brains to pick up, the more the enjoyment of the music.  The "bass" my wife was raving about?  It is actually an acoustic guitar running the bass with the large, stand alone bass.  It is amazing to hear both perfectly separate, yet marvelously together.  
    I see now how the average person cannot do better than guess percentages on very compressed MP3 and lossless..but,
    I also see now how the brain learns to recognize the high fidelity, over time and why those using highly defining DACs and good headphones know the difference regularly or at much higher percentage.  
  5. uzi2
    Whilst they couldn't call themselves Yes at the time, this was the best Yes line-up. I saw them a little while after when both versions of Yes got together at Wembley - great concert...
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  6. bettyn
    Thank you for this information. I know NOTHING about the technical side of this hobby. Glad I have you guys on this site to help me out!
  7. Lohb

    Got my OTG cable in less than 7 days when I was prepared for a 30-day wait.
  8. warrior1975
    I bought mine today at Radio shack for $5.92, I was very lucky. I didn't anticipate having the Mojo before the X7 and didn't even think about using it with my phone much. Going to get some good listening in this evening I hope.
  9. jincuteguy
    So does the Mojo auto save power when there is NO Audio playing? Like the Mojo is turned ON but there is NO audio playing.
  10. wahsmoh
    I don't think so. I had it powered on all day but not charging starting around 9AM and it died on me 30 minutes ago when I was listening to it and I forgot I didn't charge it. I wasn't listening to it most of the day cause I was out shopping.
  11. jincuteguy
    Also, when the Mojo is on low battery, does it affect the sound quality? Or does it still sound as good as 100% battery?
  12. wahsmoh

    Sounds just as good on low battery, I had no idea it had low battery until it died on me. I noticed when I tried to turn it on again it would stay on for 5 seconds before power down. It has some form of auto-shutoff before it has no battery life.
  13. noobandroid
    i wish we had a graph to show the colors of the balls when volume stepping,
  14. singleended58

    If the QP1R sound quality is so good why do you need a Mojo for?
  15. tuna47
    Can fiio X1 be connected to the mojo
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