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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. warrior1975
    Lol... Thanks bro, I'm hoping my X7 arrives in the earlier part of the day... But I can't be sure of course.

    Beautiful device. I love the feel in my hand. I'm fairly certain it's a keeper, just because I like the look and feel. Originally, I didn't particularly care for the look, but in person, it's much nicer than the photos. It doesn't look tacky at all (no offense meant).
  2. Peter Hyatt

    I agree.  It is built like a tank, is made to sit perfectly in the hand, and the colors signify not only input but sound.  When my wife and I are listening, I know exactly where her comfort zone is by color.  Interestingly enough, we use color coding for sensitivity in language, with blue being the most extreme (not purple) and red being...deception.  
    Some criticism strains credibility. It's difficult to have so much extreme technology in hand, to hear so much more of music than ever before, and to search for some minor hyper-critical complaint.  
    We're going to get a 2nd along with the module for the iPhone, when the cables are released. For her work, my wife has to plant herself in an office and spend hours reviewing files, so taking the Mojo with her works out nicely.  That it only takes 4 hours to charge is marvelous, and 8-10 hours use means an entire work day.  Perfection.  
  3. warrior1975
    I wish my girl was into this stuff... I actually purchased the Mojo with a second intention. The dual headphone jack. I have really enjoyed watching movies in bed with IEMS through my phone especially. Just hear all the details, much nicer bass, etc. I just don't care for doing it much when she is awake, I'd much rather watch movies or shows with her. This would be perfect for us to enjoy the shows on a tablet or phone together.

    On a second note, I really must applaud those of you that managed to charge the device without listening. I'm having a hard time not tur ING it on, just to see the colors.
  4. jarnopp

    I wasn't saying it was negative. Only that, when I first read it, it didn't seem to do much to advance the reviews out there. As a stand-alone, first review you read it is in fact detailed and good.
  5. Mython Contributor

  6. esm87
    When I listened to it yesterday in store, Kings of leon sounded lovely and crisp through my jvc sz1000 with plenty of body behind the rest if the sound spectrum. Walking out the shop with a little black box for £400 felt a touch strange, missus said so where does the £400 go? Lol
  7. warrior1975
    Lol. I dare not share this with wifey, the price at least. She is frugal, plus we are saving for a 2nd home.
  8. xtr4
    Warrior, have you considered pairing your RWAK120b with the Mojo if you didn't like the X7?
    I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would relegate my RWAK120S to be just a transport for the Mojo and here I am. Hahah
    Besides the slightly slow UI, I find that it's size, internal memory and expansion slots make it a very good transport. I will then bring my Pico Slim amp along just in case the Mojo goes flat while I'm still yearning for some good listening.
  9. SupaFuzz

    I think that the Mojo displaces the need for the Hugo but the Hugo TT is a viable option for a end game desk top rig...
  10. xtr4
    Obviously it has to be the Dave for end game desktop rig ^_^
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  11. warrior1975

    Old signature. Sold that long ago.

    On a positive note, radio shack came through, USB otg!!
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  12. SupaFuzz

    True but relative based on some budgets...
  13. betula

    Mojo £400.
    Dave £8000.

    Probably Dave would be my end game rig, if I would ever be able to afford it. :)
  14. warrior1975
    Has anyone here used their Mojo with a rooted phone, running Viper4Android? It doesn't enable. I've tried switching to compatibility mode and enabled effects lock to headset. Anyone? Yes, I checked post 3.
  15. captblaze
    give me a few hours and I will try on my NVidia Shield Tablet. I got my recall replacement and have been wanting to get some root access from her. once I do I will try it out. I am guessing XDA is the source of the .apk?
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