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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wahsmoh

    Change the Modi for a better DAC before you change the Asgard 2. I'm getting my Mojo today and I can compare the Mojo to my standalone desktop setup which consists of a Bimby, Theta DS Pro progenyA, and Asgard 2.
    I always felt like the Bimby was a little bit too polite to prefer it to the old Theta. My Mojo is out for delivery so I'm just anxiously waiting for it to get here [​IMG]
  2. Alchemist007

    Looking forward to the comparison :)
  3. esm87
    So all of a sudden, this micro usb otg cable to connect the mojo to my s6 edge is like finding the holy grail...
  4. almarti
    Thanks, that's I am afraid of the Mojo can be converted as the only DAC/HedphoneAmp both for dekstop setup and travel setup.
    I have in the box an Adioquest DragonFly v1.2, do you think DragonFly could replace Modi 2 and improve sound quality?
  5. almarti
    Mee too
  6. wahsmoh

    Also, if it helps you at all I own the HD600 and I prefer it on my Bottlehead Crack + CD player setup than my desktop setup. The reason is probably because of proper impedance matching and tubes. If you look at the Schiit website and then look at the specs for the Asgard 2 and compare them to the Valhalla 2 OTL amp the Valhalla puts a lot more juice into your HD600s than Asgard 2. I don't think the Mojo is going to beat a BH Crack or Valhalla in its ability to drive the HD600 but the DAC may certainly be better than anything you have on your desktop.
    I have no doubts a BH Crack will drive your HD600 better than the Mojo but that's not the purpose of the Mojo. The Mojo is meant to be the portable solution to getting desktop quality sound. That's what I'm kind of hoping for when I receive my Mojo today.
    I am mainly interested in the FPGA approach to the DAC design and 125db of dynamic range. All of the best DAC designs take unconventional approaches. Even the Concero HP bypasses the filter in the Sabre chip for a custom FPGA filter. I own a Theta which like Wadia was one of the first audio companies to ever use custom ROM memory DSP chips for the digital filter. That is what is crucial to getting that realistic sound and spacial cues with fast transients.
  7. UNOE
    I have a issue when I plug the Asgard 2 into Mojo the Mojo power LED goes off as if its dropping the input.  I was using Coaxial from PC.  Plug headphone directly to mojo all is well.  I was using it with this amp off and on past few days with no issue.  Any ideas
  8. almarti
    I bought the Mojo with your same objective of mobile setup, in my case iPod 5G + TIDAL or HF Onkyo Player + Mojo + Etymotic ER4PT, and it is really amazing; then I tried connecting iPod + Mojo (3V line out setup) to my old integrated stereo Marantz PM17 KI series and Chario Constellation speakers  and Oh My God what lovely and powerfull sound.
    And tried with the previous mentioned desktop setup. I will wait for your comparisson before taking any decision. Cheers
  9. betula

    I do not have experience with dragonfly. But I do know Mojo is better than any other DAC/amp I tried under £300.
    For me Mojo replaced all my previous DACs and amps for home listening and on the go. (Bear in mind, Mojo is my most expensive DAC/amp so far.)
  10. warrior1975
    Patiently waiting for delivery notification for the MOJO. Been dying to hear a chord product for a while, Hugo was just too big for my lifestyle. Mojo looks perfect. I'm actually more excited about the Mojo than my incoming X7. I feel like a child at Xmas.
    spook76 likes this.
  11. bavinck
    They are easy to find. Do a little looking on eBay for a micro to micro otg. I have bought lots of them there.
  12. esm87
    i managed to find one on amazon for £2.86 same one on ebay was £8+. 8inch cable aswell, took me ages to find one that wasnt half a metre plus, even the audio store couldnt source a suitable one. Now I have the mojo i have to potentially wait up until the 6th of april before I bother taking it out of the box. Why chord didnt make a seperate 8 inch micro to micro otg, even if it was a seperate purchase, I dont know. Alot of micro to micro users gona be frustrated in the uk, it isnt a common cable. Glad they had a cable for me to demo it in store though
  13. audi0nick128
    Strange to hear it's problematic to get hold of a OTG cable in the UK...
    I bought mine in a expert store... Like Best Buy in Germany... I really had to dive in the cable wall to find it... The clerk didn't know what I wanted... But it was there.
    I'm sure you can get one in a local electronics store.
  14. Shenook

    Someone needs a new wife or a mistress with audiophile love.
    Angular Mo likes this.
  15. warrior1975
    Just received my shipping notification from Moon Audio... For Saturday delivery!!! There is a God and he is smiling down on me right now!!
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