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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. martyn73
    Has anyone compared 2Qute to Mojo? Is it overkill to have both?
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    On Head-fi, nothing is overkill, nothing.
  3. martyn73
    True. Can the Mojo be realistically used as an external sound card for a PC?
  4. Townyj

    What source.. im using my note 4 via usb otg using uapp as my player. flac and hd files.
  5. Alchemist007

    You said in November that you thought the Bimby was warmer but the Mojo was clearer and more detailed, is that why?
  6. xtr4
    Hi Wahsmoh, I don't think you can hook up the Sansa Clip Sport to the Mojo that way. Unfortunately, the Mojo only accepts digital inputs and the Sansa Clip Sport doesn't output via digital signals from the USB, the USB is only for charging and data transfer between the Clip and PC/MAC if I'm not mistaken.
    You also can't line out from the Sansa to the Mojo to "skip" the DAC section because the Mojo isn't 1) your traditional DAC/Amp device and 2) line out is analog and Mojo only accepts digital
  7. Light - Man
    Have you had a chance to compare the two?
  8. jincuteguy
    Which Ifi Micro are u talking about? There are many Ifi products out there that are look similar. 
  9. xtr4
    Guys, this is my perspective on the subjectivity of the Mojo.
    1) Soundstage
    Mojo has perceived smaller soundstage than other "detailed" systems and this works against it somewhat to certain individuals musical preference. Rob has mentioned that due to the nature of the perceived extra details that's being provided by the Mojo, the soundstage "shrinks" in terms of width but you gain depth and height. Therefore, for those individuals who are accustomed to the larger "picture", this can be "seen" as a minus point. This is of course my opinion on the matter.
    2) Detail
    Mojo as many owners and myself included profess has an amazing ability to eek out tremendous levels of detail. BUT this detail for certain individuals will seem like night and day from what they are upgrading from. Some users may not hear much difference or even at all. Some may feel that it's ok or worse. Rob mentions that this is due to perceived harmonics and distortion which some users have either gotten accustomed to or is their preferred sound signature. This detail to me, grows on you as you listen to it and it's something that the brain can "burn in". Of course YMMV.
    3) Coloration and Amping
    Mojo isn't without power. Mojo's output is also one of the cleanest the world has seen in the portable or even desktop stage at that price point and beyond. Then why add-on to the chain? More power? I feel it has to do with 2 things; individual sound preference and volume "control".
    With regards to sound preference, I have made mentioned that the Mojo can be attributed to a great steak. It can be eaten as is which is the most ideal to ensure that you can enjoy the taste and flavour of the meat itself. Or you can choose to have it with mustard, ketchup or even soy sauce. This is up to the individual. Is it wrong? No, not to the person consuming the steak. Will others think it blasphemous? Possibly but it's still up to the individual consuming it. We each as individuals have our own preferences, so let's all get along.
    Now the volume part is a little more tricky but I do feel that it may be down to "control" with a volume knob instead of buttons to control the volume which may give a better sense of control via a analog vs digital feel.
    For me, at line level out to my audiolab pre-amp/power amp combo driving my Castle speakers, I can appreciate the more intimate control of the volume pot. I just need to dial down the output on the Mojo and adjust the volume accordingly on my pre-amp. But that's just my opinion based on my own experience on that matter. It could be something else entirely.
    Thanks for reading this far and hope this helps those who find this helpful :D
    Mython, x RELIC x and masterpfa like this.
  10. betula
    And Mojo with X2 didn't move you at all? What was your best audio experience then, if I may ask?
    Not A/B comparison. I owned iFi Micro and Nano iCan. After selling them I bought Mojo.
    I owned Micro iCan and Nano iCan. I never heard Micro iDSD or iDAC, but I am aware of the differences on paper.
  11. wahsmoh
    Okay, so if my Sansa Clip Sport only has USB functionality of data transfer/charging.. what is the cheapest DAP that I can buy that outputs digital?? I don't plan on using my smartphone to store music so that is already counted out.
  12. bavinck
    That's true, sansa does not suppost usb audio out. Cheapest option? Anything that has digital coax out (Fiio line of daps are popular) or usb audio out (cheap android phone off ebay?)
  13. wahsmoh

    Thanks Bavinck. Right as you replied I took a look at the Fiio X3 2nd gen. That should do it
  14. JezR
    I started with Mojo plugged into my main system and thought it was very good, then bought the 2Qute as a permanent solution, I don't have to keep on charging up is one of the main things.
    As to the sound the 2Qute is a definite step up in sound quality and I suggest you audition one yourself, I'm not very good at describing stuff being subjective and all that.
    Mojo is staying waiting patiently for the SD module to be released, so I don't think overkill. 
  15. bavinck
    Good idea. Hopefully later this year we get the sd card module from Chord and this is a moot point.
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