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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mimouille
    In my experience, slight hiss with sensitive iems including the 846. But people have VERY different levels of sensitivity so some will tell you no. But it does hiss.
  2. Ra97oR
    With my MH334, the hiss is quite noticeable with a louder hiss when the unit being charged too. Still pretty normal though.
  3. Mojo ideas
    Mojo Has 2.9 microvolts of noise with a 125dBv of gain this is a world beating specification that no other product quite matches. It's possible to have a slightly lower noise but this can only be achieved by having a far lower gain. When we designed we chose not to include unreliable switch gain options. Note Mojos very low level of noise does not increase with volume so it should not be at all intrusive. J Franks
  4. jirams
    My tinnitus provides hissing above any produced by the electronics.
    The Mojo is one of the best kit I have bought in 60 years of audio.
    I am 75 next April.
  5. justrest
    Can I use Mojo charging while connected?
  6. Ike1985

    Iphone5 has zero issues since day 1 for me.
  7. Ike1985

    Is the click in the same moment of the song every time? Does it click with all your phones? How about using other micro sub cables? I seem to remember people reporting clicks with some micro Usb cables but not others-what I'm saying is it wad the cable.
  8. GreenBow

    When I hear a click, I whizz the track back to hear if it's there again, but it's not. I am thinking it's because of the Mojo.
    However I intend to swap over to my Meridian Explorer again for a day or two. Since the Mojo pulls sounds into clear perception, it's possible I just didn't notice it with my Meridian. I hear stuff in the music with the Mojo that is clearly there with the Meridian. Only I never noticed it before.
    I'll switch cables about. I think I vaguely recall people mentioning clicks.
  9. petetheroadie
    Where did you get the interconnect you're using here? Struggling to find one!

  10. Ra97oR

    I guess that came out odd.

    What I meant is while there is slight background noise present with EXTREMELY sensitive IEM, the relatively noise performance compared to even low power portable amp that are only designed to drive IEM with low gain is excellent.
    It become even more impressive when you can power even small speakers, the base noise level stays the same! (I do NOT recommended testing it with your sensitive IEM unless you are 100% sure there will be nothing coming through!)
    With the max volume, the noise background is the same as it is on the first step.
    There are no power supply noise, unbalanced noise (e.g. noise on one side is louder) or noise any clear pattern, which I think are the only real distracting noise. Just very faint white noise on the most sensitive IEMs.

    I would say, the tiny hiss on the Mojo is a total non-issue. If you are hearing the hiss often, you aren't using the Mojo right, it meant to be listened to... with music not digital silence.
  11. jaibautista
    Joining in the Mojo fun! :)
    Ever since getting the Mojo, my DX90 has been relegated into a "dedicated transport" role. That said, the DX90 + Chord Mojo stack, both connected by a short Whiplash mini-to-mini IC with right-angled Neutrik plugs, is a joy to use since it's very, very portable. At home, though, the Mojo becomes a dedicated DAC for my Lake People G109A, which is then hooked to either the HE-400i or the HD600, depending on my mood (the HE-400i, however, gets more listening time these days). 
    There's no need for me to give my first impressions on the Mojo as its value and performance is well-established here. I'll just say this: you won't go wrong with the Mojo. :)
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  12. raelamb

    Using with latest generation ipod touch, not iPhone.
  13. georgelai57
    Hi Pete,

    It was made by a head-fier here. I'm told that it's not difficult for those who can solder.
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  14. Ike1985
    I've reached the pinnacle of audio fidelity, climbed Everest and sat at the top for awhile. I recently downloaded the best(according to most and myself as well) recording of Dark Side Of The Moon in existence. It's a humble 16/44.1 cd rip of the non-to de-emphasized black triangle version of the album. We can talk about dsd, 24/32bit flacs as if file size matters-to some extent it does-but mastering is at least 90% of that equation imo. Best audio experience I've ever had, thanks mojo and ADEL A12's. I've heard all the DSD's and highest quality flacs out there but now I'm on the hunt for the best masters instead even if that means lower file size.
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  15. Chefano
    As an owner of DSD version and the CP35-3017-2 1A1 (both in original media) IMO the DSD version beats the CD version.
    Just a PS: I was never satisfied with sox de-emphasis, now Im gonna test with MOJO. Awesome 
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