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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. McCol
    On the topic of earphone/headphone discussion i think the mojo thread is the right place.
    If someone is going to make an investment of say £1000 on totl iems to use with the mojo and want opinions against other similar priced iems then the mojo thread should be the place as most of us posting own the mojo and some will have experience of the different iems/hp's.
    The dedicated headphone threads don't always give such a balanced view due to different equipment etc etc.
  2. Dobrescu George
    I agree!
    Sometimes, the headphone discussions are not really directed correctly. For example, people are searching for the best headphones for a certain sound, and they have a hard time finding them. It would be easier to ask on any thread than search countless specific threads, not to mention that some reviews are straight lies. (On the same note :Anyone read any review of PM2?)
    I would be curious if there is anyone who already has a Fiio X7, but still uses Mojo with it? Mostly because I had a chance to hear X7, and it seems that it will be my next purchase if nothing better comes this way, and mojo is not coming to Romania from what I understood. 
  3. LouisLoh

    New to the club!
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  4. uzi2
    Have you contacted High End Audio Bucharest ?
  5. AndrewH13

    You got me choking now :). Funniest post in thread. And very on-topic.
  6. Angular Mo

    For those without the high-impedance headphones, and loving the detail, turning up the volume to get to all the layers and detail....


    Those volume marbles' colors are seductive.
    I turned-up the volume too high,
    With the notorious DT 990-32s...

    I MAY HAVE (not 100% certain) harmed my ears,

    And am now suffering Timnitus at 9kHz frequency; been this way for a couple of weeks.

    Still investigating with my physician.

    Just be careful.
  7. uzi2
  8. jarnopp

    It's a big thread, but I still thought this was the funniest post:

    Try explaining that punchline to a non-headfier.
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  9. Dobrescu George
    They do not seem to have a show room, and they seem to specialize in strictly selling products, not advertising. Which is a pity, because AVstore will sell mojo, and for a good price too, but they will not get it in showroom (maybe in Romania there are not enough customers for such a product, or maybe Chord does not provide with a free demo sample because there were not enough customers for Hugo?) Still a pity, because I was curious in hearing a mojo before committing to Fiio X7.
  10. Ike1985
    My open back A12 CIEMs + mojo sound amazing with that YouTube video
  11. Skyyyeman
    Don't agree, sorry. I think you have greatly underestimated the amount of people who use the Mojo with full size heaphones, even difficult to drive ones, and not just with IEMs. For example, I know of three people personally who own the Mojo (including me.)  All are using them with either the LCD-X, LCD-3, HD800 and/or MrSpeakers Ether C (and also with IEMs occasionally.)  Why?  Because there is a need for people to move around and not sit at a desk or computer or big rig while listening to headphones. I use mine when sitting on the couch far from my big rig, I use it in bed before falling asleep, I use it in the garden area of my building and on the roof deck of an apartment building. I've use it on trains and planes (and not with IEMs.) The other users have similar needs.
    It would be a big mistake for a manufacturer to produce a portable amp solely for use with IEMs. The potential sales universe is much larger than the IEM market.
  12. x RELIC x Contributor
    GreenBow, in no way did I try to publicly humiliate you. I honestly don't understand how you haven't listened to your unit yet. Amazon will take the unit back if you listen to it. You have shown so much interest and have contributed to help others, and pre-planned in the event that you may run in to any issues, but the point of acquiring the gear is for enjoyment. I only suggest that you open the package and enjoy it before moving on to a Hugo. That is unless you might prefer the Hugo size and slightly brighter tuning, but still, you should listen to your Mojo. How will you ever know which one you prefer...
  13. Mojo ideas
    I'm pretty sure High End have stock in Rumania try phoning them!
  14. Sound Eq
    any help guys
  15. rwelles
    I had to send my Mojo back to my dealer yesterday. (USB port socket is not set perpendicular to the back and has intermittent drop-outs.) Starting to have withdrawals already, and I still have at least a couple of weeks before I get it back. Fortunately, I haven't put my HA-2 up for sale yet. 
    Before I got the Mojo, I thought the HA-2 sounded great. (Still do for the money/value) But now, I've been thoroughly spoiled. The Oppo sounds thick and congested by comparison. There's a cohesion and clarity missing. 
    T minus 14(?) and counting...
    sigh  [​IMG] 
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