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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Sound Eq
    i am looking for high end quality cables that are best quality

    1- 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable short angled cable ( 10 cm in total length including the connectors )
    2- micro usb to micro usb otg braided 10 cm including angeled connectors
  2. Sound Eq
    i know my setup to some might not be ideal
    but its an amazing sound i am hearing
    note 3 ---- mojo---- alo mk3 B--- oppo pm1 
    i am in  sound nirvana now that i never ever experienced before
    and to anyone that might have read my complains about the lcd2 and bass and musicality, got solved with the oppo pm1 which is one of the best heapdhones i ever heard.
    i auditioned the following
    hifiman he1000
    hifiman 560
    oppo pm2
    oppo pm3
    and oppo pm1 won by miles in regards to the amazing sound signature i am getting that is exactly the sound sig in a headphone i was after, it really makes me speechless what i hear
    this oppo pm1 is so so so so so dam great, it was an instant decision after all the others mentioned above
    what oppo pm1 achieved is beyond my description in means of a package sound signature that is musical and enjoyable and amazing
    and for anyone who might ask why not pm2 well it distorted easily when i go crazy with bass boosting while pm1 handles eq so dam well with no distortions or rattling
    finally i sold my lcd2, ifi micro dsd and ak100ii
    so now i am left with ak380 and amp for iems and the above setup for my oppo pm1
    i really wish many can audition the oppo pm1 it is so dam good 
  3. jarnopp

    Yes, yes, yes. The line out is not remembers, but before I plug in iems I make it s practice to turn the volume way down. This is obvious after a little bit of use. If you do make a mistake, you will only do it once!

    Sounds fantastic as a home dac also, IMO. Enjoy!
  4. ken6217
    How many hours for breakin would you say for the Mojo? Is it definitely safe to play this while it be plugged into a power source?
  5. GreenBow
    Yeah I was asking about the voltage of line-level of this, ages ago. When you use line-out mode it sets to 3Vrms. My active speakers have a 2Vrms input so the Mojo needs to be turned down a few notches. It was suggested about four clicks on the lower volume button. I think all the Chord engineers kindly replied to my question on that.
  6. SteveOliver
    Its safe to use when plugged-in yes and the battery is a high temperature one. But I don't like my electronics running too hot regularly it will shorten its life, by how much its difficult to say I just want my MoJo to last forever. :)
  7. Starcruncher

    Not trying to be confrontational, but is this true? I've never heard this. Sometimes my laptop gets too hot on my lap and I turn it off to avoid a sweaty, uncomfortable scene.
  8. vapman
    I'd be a little worried about how regular use as a desktop dac would affect the battery life. I would not want to keep topping it off but that might be unavoidable with desktop use.

    Heat only is a problem when there is inadequate ventilation resulting in above intended operating temp ranges. Electronics getting warm does not always mean something bad is going on...
  9. warrior1975
    Chord says it's perfectly safe to use it like that, I wouldn't worry. Just enjoy your MOJO.
  10. SteveOliver

    Its probably just me being over cautious, I'm sure the thermal cutout in the Mojo has been designed to switch off before any harm is done to the battery.
    My other hobby is flying radio controlled helicopters, the bigger ones, I know that if I get those LiPo batteries hot its basically a guaranteed way of shortening their lives down to a few flights before they get puffy and fail.
    The other electronics will be OK up to 60+ degrees I would imagine, which would be too hot to hold for longer than a few seconds.
  11. yoyorast10
    it's a downside of the mojo, it's best to stick with a desktop dac/amp
  12. Starcruncher

    Hehe, I know that overcautious feeling well. In any case, for Mojo and me, it's til death do us part. By that point, there will probably be something better, faster, stronger.
  13. shotgunshane Contributor

    On other stacks I've used, wd40 cleans any residue right off. I haven't taken this one apart and don't plan too.
  14. Mython Contributor
    'White spirit' is also generally very effective against glue residues (methylated spirit will sometimes work, but nowhere near as effectively as white spirit)
  15. Light - Man
    200.gif [​IMG]
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