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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Nitrile
    When I run my finger across the mojo while it's sitting on the table and charging, I get strange vibes. Doesn't happen when its not connected to the charger. Is that normal?
  2. RedJohn456
    Gotta say, the mojo has REALLY grown on me lately.

    The mojo made me consider (albeit for a small moment) if a phone+mojo set up might be better than a standalone DAP. Haven't heard anything quite like it to be honest. I am honestly thinking of eventually picking one up [​IMG]
    I regret joining the mojo tour, now I am possibly thinking of picking one up lol. By possibly I mean probably. By probably, I mean its going to be ramen for a month lol
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  3. RedJohn456

    Yeah normal, same things happens to my mac when its charging
  4. nmatheis Contributor

    RedJohn456 and I were discussing this a bit earlier today, and I agree. Mojo is making me rethink DAPs. Fantastic little DAC!
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  5. LouisArmstrong
    Ramen for a month is probably some Hong Kong people's dream. People here seem to have a craving for ramen - ramen shops are everywhere in Hong Kong but only the ones from Japan are of good quality.
  6. davidmolliere
    My thoughts exactly, after much debate and new A/B comparisons, the ZX2 is going up for sale, you definitely loose the practical aspect of no cable no rubber bands but the leap in SQ is just so good :)
  7. Angular Mo
    Who makes that orange bicycle band that holds the mojo neatly against a smartphone?
  8. elnero
    The Mojo made me rethink my home rig. I've always liked an element of portability in my rig but I figured as I moved up the chain I'd need to go to a more stationary setup. The Mojo made me realize I can have my cake and eat it to. Not only does it make for a fantastic pairing with my MacBook Air but it's also great playing Tidal from my Note 4 making for an even more flexible setup than I ever thought possible.
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  9. Ruben123
    The "need" for a dedicated home setup is vastly overrated. As long as you have enough power to drive your headphones it's OK.
    Now the thing. Why is this Mojo so famous? Do they apply some sort of DSP effect or equalizer?
  10. lukeap69

    I was in the same situation before with my Theorem 720. Than I decided the slight loss in SQ is acceptable when I purchased AP100 DAP. The Mojo Jojo got me thinking again. Long story short, I am back to Android phone+DAC/amp (Mojo Jojo) stack! :grinning:
  11. headwhacker
    No rubberbands, non-obtrusive cable [​IMG]
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  12. headwhacker
    We are the same boat. None of the DAPs available are suitable to drive a wide range of load (from very sensitive iems to full-size headphone). I few may qualify but other aspect would simply kill it most notably the UI. I'm done with DAPs at the moment unless it's the size of mojo and less than the thickness of AK100 [​IMG]
  13. masterpfa
    I jumped on the bandwagon from a different perspective than most here. I started out looking at the Oppo HA-2 but on reading reviews on the likes of "What HiFi", although lauded as a good AMP/DAC the award winner was this not too spectacular looking thing called "Chord Mojo???"
    I ignored that review and carried on my search for a review that would paint the HA-2 in a good light. The search produced the same results everywhere
    "The HA-2 was good, but this odd looking thing called the Chord Mojo was a revelation"

    I decided to go back to What HiFi and their Awards 2015 edition and not only the best DAC or  AMP/DAC in my price range but the best product award overall 2015.

    Remember at this time was really just looking for an AMP for my daily commute and playing my Spotify and Google Play mp3 library.

    Unlike most here I bought it "Blind" as surely it could be no worse than my current Fiio E18 and not too much money either.
    So no extensive researching on this or other forums for me, just bought it.
    First starting reading about it 8th November, ordered 10th November in hand 11th November.

    Included was a voucher for a Native DSD album and the fun began.

    Now with a library at 135Gb and rising of Hi-Res files at 16 bit, 24 Bit, DSD, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, DSF, DFF and now SACD ripping too, I guess you can say this little Bundle of Joy has certainly started something considering my library was only about 1Gb of free Hi-Res files before hand. 

    I also looked at the AK players, since purchasing my Mojo, as all I wanted to do was hear music as best I could, but when compared to my Nexus 6P and Mojo running UAPP (listening through HD800's) my time with all except the AK240 were easily bettered by my Mojo combi, with the difference not significant to my ears to justify the £2k+ layout on the AK240. 

    It was only then did I realise how good the Mojo was.

    During my A/B testing with the AK's I did try using these as transports with my Mojo and again to my ears the sound was an improvement on all, with only the AK240 probably providing a wider sound stage on it's own, but only just.

    If anyone is in doubt IMO you can't go too far wrong with this DAC however you choose to pair it, but you can save a great deal of money just using it with your phone and this would not be a compromise.
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  14. davidmolliere
    I don't think they do apply any DSP or equalizing on the output signal, the "magic" happens in that FPGA chip they use, and Rob Watts / John Franks use their mojo (pun intended) to provide that special sound :)  It's not yet another implementation of ESS9018 or Wolfson chip, it's a whole different thing altogether. 
    @Currawong explains that quite well here :
    Nice :)
    I have seen angled usb cable that could be somewhat close to that : http://www.moon-audio.com/black-dragon-form-fit-usb-cable-by-moon-audio.html
  15. Light - Man
    Nice stack! - perhaps the only fly in the ointment is that some say the USB digital input on the Mojoy sounds even better? [​IMG]
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