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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Splinter777
    Someone sells used Mojo?
    I Want to buy.
  2. masterpfa
     The Pioneer XDP100r and Onkyo DP-X1 are the 2 DAP's I know that offer USB OTG out

    I know some people have had success with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but check with Chord for compatible devices, but I would think most work well such as the Xperia but I personally use the Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P (neither have expandable storage) so I cannot confirm.
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  3. sabloke
    when the USB light goes off, go your hardest. Mine took about 4 hours to charge first time
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  4. imattersuk
    LG G4 works really well, expandable memory via Micro SD, removable battery so can carry a spare unlike Apple products. Using Onkyo HF & Hiby with zero issues. Bonus is a fantastic camera and screen, 4k video.
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  5. imattersuk
    Yes can have mine for £599, comes with a free burn in and fully tested for several weeks, bargain !!!!
  6. Nikonkit
    Great, help from everyone much appreciated, going to buy myself a Christmas present now. One last thing, will any OTG cable do or is there a brand name one that is proven?
  7. Roscoeiii

    And the LG V10 phone is another great option. Bigger screen, removable battery, and SD Card. Also has a great internal DAC and amp from ESS that sound great for when you don't want to carry the Mojo
  8. Ike1985
    Slow your roll man, why is DSD pointless on a mojo?  Elaborate a bit so I can justify deleting all the DSD stuff I downloaded the past week(it's sucking hard drive space). 
  9. Ike1985
    Also anyone who gets the Audioquest jitterbug please post your review, it seems to be the PERFECT accessory for mojo given that it supposedly removes all RF/EMI interference.  I wonder if it affects timing/sq? Please post review, if it works it would allow us to use our phones without airplane mode and without interference.
  10. Watcherq
    The three Sony ZX series DAP with special cable / adaptor. I can't confirm about the A Series DAP though.
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  11. Ultrainferno
    I could but Mojo is working just fine, no need for me to use the JB. Besides, does it even work? I think I wrote about that. [​IMG]
  12. koziakauzu
    Sorry yes, that's what I was referring to in my first sentence. I only get like 6-7 hours of use.

    I can confirm that the A series work with the OTG adapter too.
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  13. Light - Man
    Guys, just to mention a music and fun thread [​IMG] started during the summer ( a distant memory now [​IMG])
    Come on over and post some stuff or perhaps just for a look.
  14. kawaivpc1
    Wow... 460 pages of discussion is going on. It looks like this Mojo is very successful. 
    How would  you guys compare its sound quality to that of Benchmark DAC, Teac UD H01, Teac UD 301, AK240, iBasso R10, Aurender Flow? 
    Does it come close to them?? 
    Does it have a wide sound stage and detail just like Benchmark DAC? 
  15. imattersuk
    V10 is too new, still costs £550 in the UK, the G4 is now only £315 sim free unlocked
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