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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Angular Mo
    Anyone using the Uptone Regen into the Mojo?
    If so,  are you using it with an iPhone as a source (my preference), or a computer?
    Do you notice any improvements?  How would you describe them, if any?
    (I tried connecting it, but am unsure if I heard an improvements, or it was just expectation bias.  I find it cumbersome to figure out how to configure all this without causing stress on the micro-USB jacks on the Mojo.)
  2. Chefano
    I really would love a mojo but I have some questions.
    Is iphone capable of delivering Hires files and native DSD to mojo?
  3. Currawong Contributor

    You need to load the high-res music separately through iTunes into Onkyo HF Player or similar. Don't bother with DSD files, the Mojo negates the need for them through the technology used and, not to mention, SACD rips of DSD will have been processed in PCM before the SACD was made anyway.
  4. Chefano

    Made up my mind!
  5. Chefano
    Now I need to find a Fiio l19 :frowning2:
  6. salla45
    interesting. Happened to me, i was somewhat disorientated, i swore i was in a concert hall, i had to really focus to realise where I was. It was quite surreal.
  7. Smokhee
    My mojo is coming on Friday!  Now you guys have me thinking about treating myself to an upgrade on my IEM's...dang you all...  I currently have a Shure SE535...it was great when it came out...got many hours of pleasure...but I know there can be so much more.  Now that I will have the Mojo...I am tempted to upgrade the IEM's.  
    I am willing to spend around a $1,000...I have been reading about the JH Angie (the layla is too rich for my blood)...the Shures....any advice from those of you who have tried the mojo out with various IEMs? Thanks!  So I am looking for the best IEMs to pair with the Mojo, under about $1K or less.  
  8. incognitodave
    I am enjoying the pairing of my Noble Savant's with my Mojo.
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  9. Angular Mo
    Anyone have experience with the Fiio L19 cable with their iPhone in a case?  
    I use an Otterbox case and the wide profile of that cable appears to be too wide.
  10. mscott58
    The Noble 6's are great at $999 for universals and $1099 for standard acrylic customs and $999 for SLA customs (I highly recommend customs). Nobles are amazing IEMs and while the TOTL K10's are out of your price range, the N6's are the closest I've heard in their line to that level of amazing.
    The new Campfire Audio (from ALO Audio) Jupiters are also very, very good, and priced well at $899. 
    A few options for you! 

    Enjoy your Mojo, it's probably the biggest bang-for-your-buck piece of head-fi available now IMO
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  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    AK/JH Angie to my ears sounds brilliant with the Mojo and is a great match. Loads of detail and musicality. :)
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  12. rwalkerphl

    I'm in the Empire Ears Apollo X with a Silver Dragon cable. Just spectacular!
  13. AudioBear
    My Mojo arrives tomorrow!  I am really looking forward to trying out this beast I heard so much about but have never heard. My Cavalli Liquid Carbon comes tomorrow too. Whoopee!  Christmas is early this year.
    I intend to use the Mojo with an iPhone 6s plus (running Onkyo HD software and 24/96 FLACs). My cIEMs are 64 Ears ADEL A12s.  I would put them up against any competitor and I am sure that they will be outstanding on Mojo.  I highly recommend them to anyone here who's looking for a cIEM to match their Mojo. But yeah, I ought to hear them before I say that.
    I use Oppo PM-3s for closed cans but never take them out of the house--I just use them to mute then banjo noise--but that's a story for another day.  I'm shopping for a pair of higher end open cans to attach  the Gumby-LC combo for times that the banjo is silent. That's going to be a tough decision.  Ether, HEX, HD800 are on the list so far.  I signed up for the HEX loaner program at TTVJ today.
    Will report on Mojo/A12 and the Gumby /LC/PM-3 pairings after the holidays.
  14. Mython Contributor
    Unfortunately, I cannot agree that the N6s are anything special. I found them 'fun', but with a (subjectively, at least) very uneven frequency response. IMO, there are technically-more-proficient CIEMs available at circa $1099
    Please note that I'm not talking about Noble as a rule. I am merely talking about the N6.
  15. singleended58

    Sennheiser IE800 to me is perfect match for Mojo. I also got UM Miracle with Toxic Cables Silver Widow but it sounds not matched with Mojo at all.
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