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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. yoyorast10
    Is this a good choice for desktop usage mainly? thinking of getting this or the ifi micro idsd.
  2. rkt31
    has anybody tried mojo with 600 ohm headphones like beyer dt880 ?
  3. MrDerrick
    I also have the Pelican 1020 and find it fits perfect when put sideways, very snug and doesn't move. Could add some foam to stop my SE846 from moving around though.
  4. psikey
    My first significant jump in audio was purchasing Shure SE846's and to be honest I've never looked for anything else since (previous notable ones were Klipsch X10i then Shure SE530/535's).
    Then tried various smartphones as sources then a few mobile DAC/AMP's such as the Dragonfly and HA-2 but didn't think they were a significant jump, but then though I'd try the Mojo based on Hugo feedback and again I got the big smile moment.
    For me the SE846/Mojo combination is as good as it gets for the price I'm prepared to pay (not chasing the rabbit down the hole or wanting multiple earphones/DAC's etc).
    Then had to give a high-end DAP a try so got one of the Sony ZX2's in the Amazon sale which does sound great, but after owning a Mojo the ZX2 sounds inferior so now happy to just keep my Mojo/SE846's connected to a small source that can store a decent amount yet still work with Spotify/Tidal and have good battery life, so source is now a Sony Z5 compact with microSD purely for audio duties and the ZX2 has gone back to Amazon.
  5. psikey
    Yes, totally (depending on what your driving, earphone, headphone or speakers??)
  6. salla45
    yes. Bought some T1's just last week. FABULOUS. Unstressed, smooth, dynamics exemplary. Very good indeed.
    I laughed when I tried them in my phone, could just about hear them, v quietly on max. IFI Nano idsd struggles badly. Mojo smooth and powerful. Running on yellow thru to light blue, depending on material. Plenty of power left. And I run them whilst charging the Mojo. Pretty amazing actually.
  7. jjshin23
    When charging my mojo the led seems to be on white for 5 seconds and then turns off for 5 seconds (repeats). This is after charging all night (10 hours or so). The manual said when it is fully charged the light will turn off so does this mean it is still charging? I just read about the led color indicator as the power runs out so I'll keep an eye on this as well because the battery was completely dead after an hour of use. I don't know what power level it started from when I started using it. It had been not charged or used for about 4 days and it ran out of battery after an hour - I did notice the flashing red at that time. My Fiio X3ii can sit on stand by much longer than the mojo turned off when both are fully charged. Perhaps a battery problem?
  8. mscott58

    Try a more powerful charger. Sounds like it's not giving the Mojo enough juice. Many USB chargers don't pump out enough power - I had the same issue at first with my Mojo trying to use a charger that was underrated. Cheers
  9. jjshin23

    I'll try that - I am using an LG phone charger but I'll try to connect it to my iPad charger with the 10w plug.
  10. mscott58
    Cool. When I first plugged my Mojo into a micro USB charger I had (think it might have been for my Plantronics headset) it blinked on and off like you were describing, and did that overnight - so didn't seem to be taking a charge. I then moved it over to my iPad charger and it worked fine. I've since moved to the Anker PowerPort 2 which is a great charger, has two ports, lots of power and is only ~$12 via Amazon. 
  11. yoyorast10
  12. GreenBow

    I am stumbling with this but I think it can work on desktop.
    The stumbling blocks for me are:
    1. It can make a noise when charging and playing. The nerenral impression that any charging noise is pretty quiet though. However if it is left in mostly plugged in it will not be charging much, thanks to a clever charging curcuit.
    2. It can cut out when charging and playing because it get hot and designed thermal cut outs are in place. However I have thought about fitting it with a small heatsink like from Maplin and thermal pads from ebay. I think it's also possible to take out the battery anyway. (Though that would most likely void warranty). Thus it would only be drawing power to run the device in desktop mode.
    3. People have reported using some software to play music such as Foobar misses the first second of newly selected tracks. Consecutively playing tracks works perfect. A fix is that JRiver works perfectly. I have also suggested three other softwares for people to try. However no-one has reported trying them out for us yet. My suggestions are Media Go (preferences set to ASIO), dBpoweramp, and Exact Audio Copy.
  13. jjshin23

    Nice I'll need to pick up one of these. The iPad charger seems to be making a difference already because the light is solid white now so no more blinking. Thanks again for the advice!
  14. psikey
    Yes, charger is important and needs a minimum of 1A (2A ones better) but also the USB cable can cause problems. I used a longer generic USB cable and got the flashing white even though I was on a good quality Samsung 2A charger.
  15. psikey

    Others have reported no problem driving HD600.
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