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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. AndrewH13
    The advantage of code-based systems is the ability to port, still with a large amount of work I know, from Hugo to TT to Mojo. All great products and in my opinion, still worth climbing the ladder. I can't afford the TT personally, but for non-mobile use, I hope it doesn't get overlooked as it's sound is amazing.
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    I think the smart part about the design is that, well, it is a customized design and therefore a lot of the functions (gain, I/V, LPF, etc) can be integrated into the DAC itself. So in a way most of what opamp is meant to do after a typical DAC's digital section has been done and therefore only minimum buffer stage is needed. Without any extra parts, there isn't any extra noise being generated. That remind me of what A&K trying to do with the original AK100, except A&K did a terrible job on that one.
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  3. prismstorm

    I got this cheap "Xon Lightning OTG USB" cable since the Apple one is so expensive and I wanted to try if a cheaper one works and it doesn't work with my iPad, no audio signal was detected and I even got a brief error message saying how an external device is not apple certified and my only option was to dismiss it.

    Is the official Apple CCK cable the ONLY way to connect Mojo to iDevices?
  4. obsidyen
    Mojo is the single best dac/amp I've ever owned. I had Hugo and I didn't even like it as I like Mojo. I always prefer active systems for Hi-Fi setups (Meridian system in the living room, Dali Kubik system in the bedroom) so I don't need dac only functionality. Hugo is maybe stellar in that area but its headphone output was on the bright/cold side for me. I like a little warmness but not too much. For instance, iDSD Micro was very powerful but also overly warm. It felt like eating desserts all the time, after a while you just want a salty steak or döner kebab, not a cake or pie. Mojo strikes the perfect balance. Its headphone output has a full, neutral sound with just a touch of warmness. I prefer that sound to Hugo's with headphones. Thanks to Chord Electronics, Rob, Frank and everyone else for making the single best dac/amp for daily headphone use. 
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  5. salla45
    i like the culinary metaphors! maybe go for something more esoteric like "Caviar or Fois Gras rather than Tiramisu or Tarte Tatin" ?
    Not had the pleasure of hearing Hugo, but consistently loving the Mojo! You're right, the class A output gives a richness, it's so inviting.
  6. oliverpool

    Get the Fiio l19 cable which works perfectly! I shows a few links to some others that work without the cck. I tried the "compatible" ones on eBay and it was a waste of time.

  7. ejong7
    If anybody is interested here is my review of the Mojo : http://www.head-fi.org/products/chord-mojo/reviews/14589
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  8. mysony1

    Saw some using this cable to connect directly to the iPhone.[​IMG]
  9. salla45
    Am considering some really good over ears at the moment. Wondering what pairs well with the Mojo.
    I have some AKG3003s and would like to maintain this signature, clarity, detail, etc, basically, but seeking something more comfortable for regular use.
    I have my eye on some T1 beyerdynamic , 1st gen, mainly because price is very attractive at around 580chf, but am open to other ideas.
    My main concern is if the Mojo is man enough to power the T1's well, and if synergy would be better with other easier driven devices. 
    Any pointers upto around 1000 usd/chf?
  10. Hachiko270296

    I found the Mojo to struggle with dynamics with the HD650 on its own. It did good with my easy to drive stuff no problem. The T1 I think will get loud but I'd imagine a separate amp would be needed. The amp section doesn't put out enough for demanding cans IMO.
  11. salla45
    thanks, am really hoping to get something definitive, synergic with the Mojo. Really would like to avoid amping, to avoid putting another link in the chain and of course because of further expense :)
    I have the HD600's and the Mojo doesn't do a bad job at all, but I'm seeing all those new colours of the balls, never seen before [​IMG]
    Using the K3003's I'm never going above red, unless it's some quieter classical piece.
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  12. headwhacker
    Try it yourself, The mojo has more than enough for T1. How you will like the pairing is another story. It drives HD800 very well and has no problem driving Planar Magnetic like HE-560.
  13. salla45
    thanks, but not with you? Whilst technically I could have the opp to try, am around 3hrs from any possibility of a dem, and would prefer to rule out non-contenders by the opinions of my peers, and shortlist likely candidates. Then Ill make an informed decision whether to take the plunge and buy blind (so far so good in that department) or take the time and effort of spending a day's travel to dem.
  14. gearofwar
    Still looking for advices. Anyone?
  15. shotgunshane Contributor

    I didn't think it was released yet. Where can you buy it?
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