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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Watagump
     First Mojo for sale in the FS/FT section, grab it guys save a few bucks.
  2. WCDchee

    You're absolutely right there. Things are very different in different parts of the world. In Singapore, we have an excess of at least 9 dedicated head Fi stores littered across the country, and considering that Singapore is just over 50km Long, that's an incredibly dense collection of shops. We have just about any head Fi product that you might be interested in for demo, and as such, many of us would very much rather wait to demo a product. There are exceptions of course.

    Do also take into account the different cultures in the different countries. I understand that in the bigger western countries, people have been used to buying things from catalogues, but such a sales model would never have worked in my country.
  3. NZtechfreak
    No idea what the issue is there, it works fine with my Note 4 and several others have reported the same.
  4. mscott58
    Anyone looking for a case here's my AK100/Mojo stack with my Noble K-10's and 3.5mm adapter in a Pelican 1040. Cheers



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  5. JDSM

    x Relic x
    No disrespect intended, will try to give credit when credit is due !
    Thanks for posting the pictures of the X5 and Mojo banded together, wow the Mojo is tiny !
    Any chance you have heard the Fiio X7 with a mojo ?
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    No worries, just wanted to make sure you received the appropriate response from who you were asking is all. :wink:

    Yes, I tried the X7 with the Mojo briefly and just like the X5 and X5ii the X7 coaxial to the Mojo sounds like the Mojo. This is entirely expected as the digital signal should simply bypass any hardware sound shaping from the DAP, unless using software EQ or any DSP. The X7 dwarfs the Mojo and isn't exactly the best to stack with bands given the large touch screen interface on the X7.

    Hope this helps. :)


    Size comparisons.

  7. howdy

    how about sound stage, this is the thing im most impressed by on the mojo compared to the X7?
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    You saying you like the Mojo soundstage more, or are you asking how the soundstage compares between the headphone out from each device?
  9. Skyyyeman

    Stereo Exchange does carry the Mojo. They have one to demo in the store and have units available to sell. I know since I bought one last week. In fact, the Mojo was introduced to N. America at a big Stereo Exchange event where the Chord rep was there along with others like Audeze, Astell & Kern and many others. And the press was there, John Atkinson of Stereophile and others. Typical big Stereo Exchange event, which they have from time to time. One of the benefits of being in the big city.
  10. SearchOfSub

    too soft of westeners? no. Too well fed? definatlly no. maybe it can be looked as whining and soft talk to greece, but westener see it as product assesment. It's not like the ones who are whining and complaining are returning products, are they? seems to me like they are giving feedback of the product, positive or negative but overall satisfied and purchased full retail. These things chord fix next update or dac, and they have good long time fans of not just mojo, but chord products in gdneral. Maybe Greece like doing business not the soft way, but maybe hard way, like return product if battery don't charge as fast as advertised. But then ofcourse it dosent work soft way - one way. But both ways and you pay 15% restocking plus demo plus shipping fee. you choose?
  11. verber
    What I miss are the multi-day home demos that were common 20 years ago with a modest deposit. Thankfully the SF bay area has a number of stores that carry a nice selection of gear that you can at least demo in the store.   I have likely spent >24 hours at Audio High in Mountain View demoing equipment.  Most recently it was simple... a few hours with my iPhone (source) and a HiFI-M8 to compare against the Mojo and Hugo. In the past it was a bit more involve, like a full day when I brought several DACs, my GS-X mk2, a switch box, a Macbook, and a couple pairs of headphones.
    Whenever possible I like to demo (ideally blind ABX over an extended period of time) before purchasing. Reviews are moderately helpful... but audio perception is very nuanced and personal. Ultimately you should buy what pleases you. In the last 40 years, I can count on one hand the people whose preferences were a reliable predictor of what I will choice.
    I have also noticed that people's (my) expectations can really color their (my) initial assessment of products. This can lead to a echo chamber effect / over hype. I think the Mojo is at risk for this very thing. That's not to say I don't like it. After demoing it, I purchased one. I think it is one of several portable products which surpasses the performance of any portable product available a few years ago, is is  approaching the SQ of high end DACs from several years ago. There are certainly a number of high priced DACs which the Mojo out performs, but there are also (at least to my ears) a number of DACs which are a step above the Mojo. I also think there is at least one portable DAC (the Geek Out V2) which has a better price/performance ratio than the Mojo.
  12. Wyd4
    Ghetto storage solution for nexus 5x lol

  13. oliverpool

    Works as well for me. See my pictures I posted a few days ago. One of the pictures shows a dsd playing on the chord. I tried it on my media pc as well and it does play. The white can look pink or blueish at certain angle. As in dirty white
  14. highfell

    Have to respond.:D

    My favourite band. His remixes are amazing - always clear and the instrument separation is fantastic. I have bought all his Yes remixes so far , just wish they would release Tales from Topographic Oceans.
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  15. Massacare
    Subscribed :D.

    Anyway, anyone that uses mojo with windows, are you guys experience some fade in when using mojo with windows? It's quite annoying somehow, is there any fix for this?
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