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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Bengkia369

    I'm not sure why your dealer can sell few units of Mojo but could not keep one to use as a demo set and push the blame to Chord for not letting them have a demo?!
    To me, this just not making any sense at all!
  2. epo001

    Really, so they don't have telephones in Greece?
    It seems to me that this man and his compatriot have chosen to pick a fight with Chord on this forum, it is absolutely not the place for it.
  3. emrelights1973

    if he is selling 1000 per year yes he can, if he is selling 50 he can not, i don't know it all about volume / trade margins and distributor agreement.... 
    some companies give away demo units some companies let this to their distributors...
    thats not the point... and it is not important...
    point is there is a kinder way for the mojo guy to deal with the request, without being rude.... " charity-bangladesh" etc..... 
    what is wrong with Bangladesh? 
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  4. proedros
    it seems to me that you post without putting your mind to think. you see a 'fight' here ? really ? excellent.
    my point was that i don't EXPECT chord to send a demo unit if they don't feel they should, BUT he doesn't have to have a 'weird'/sarcastic tone (charity/bangladesh) , - something which emerlights1973 also observed and you didn't.


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  5. OK-Guy
    I can confirm they have telephones in Greece having spent many a happy holiday touring the islands (Spetsai was my fave), you can even use a mobile, well you could back in the 90's, hth.
    btw... if you sole purpose of joining was to be a troll it's worked, please don't flame things further.
  6. derGabe
    Dude, get over it. You are not getting a free Mojo for "Demo Tour purposes". Deal with it and stop acting like the guys from Chord insulted your Mother. :D
  7. emrelights1973

    he was very kind..... smiling and all....
    the response was not....
    an apology for charity/Bangladesh comments and a crash course on consumer complaints won't flame things any further....
  8. NikonGuy
  9. gavinfabl
    311 pages and I've read them all :)

    So not sure now how long its been since I have had the Mojo, but I was lucky to get it fairly early on.

    I am currently listening with it (again) and it just keeps blowing me away with its presentation and musicality.

    I am now tempted to try a different type of headphone with it, and I have the Grado SR325 and Sennheiser HD600 on my shortlist.

    The HD800 seems overkill but you never know :)
  10. mathi8vadhanan
    This is not adding anything to the Mojo discussion. Please feel free to move this discussion to - http://www.head-fi.org/t/769832/companies-that-take-advantage-of-audio-enthusiasts/150
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  11. equedadoii
    $1200 for a pair on the genelec 8020c.
    looking more and more like the best cheapish option (3xx-4xx)
    is the audioengine a5+
    or the ruark mr1 (bluetooth!)
    unless anyone's got some other suggs, i may end up diving for the ruark some point soon.
  12. equedadoii
    i'll be pairing my mojo with the magnum v6.
    maybe a monthish til it all comes together, but i'll make sure to drop a line when it happens!
    drop by here (synesis post is a good place to start if you're a total nub like me) if you're interested in the grado modding community:
    to be honest, i entered into it by accident. i was totally intent on purchasing the 325e until i just stumbled upon the modding community.
  13. ksb643
    Thanks for that. Can anyone  else confirm?
  14. GreenBow

    The 325e is a stunning headphone by all accounts. If you want to spend more the RS2e is loved by the Grado community. Lastly they say the Grado GH-1 is amazing and even improved with the G-cushion.

    The MR1 is Bluetooth. It's plus points are it's small for desktop, yet meant to carry an impeccable sound. It only has Bluetooth and line in. If you need more connectivity then either the Audioengine A5 or Q Acoustics Q-BT3 are better equipped. If I recall correct the Q-BT3 is Bluetooth. I haven't looked at the A5+ for a while but the manufacturers website will have all the info.
    Any of these paired with the Mojo is going to be pretty good isn't it? They will all be supplied with a cable to connect line out from the Mojo to the active speaker. However the cable may be just a simple 3.5mm to whatever connection. Therefor consider buying an audiophile analogue interconnect cable to replace it.
    (I am undecided whether quality digital cables make a difference. However analogue cables do. They can take a while from new before they reach peak performance, called burn-in time.)
  15. Mojo ideas
    [quote name="emrelights1973" url="/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-read-the-first-post-for-updated-info/4650#post_12066911
    an apology for charity/Bangladesh comments and a crash course on consumer complaints won't flame things any further....
    I did not want to go into more detail but now I feel compelled to clarify my stated position . Please try to understand that I made a comparison to our distributor in Bangladesh being a small country that has maintained constant communication with us since our initial contact and has ordered and paid for a large number over 100 Mojos compared to our Distributor from Greece who has made no contact and has sold not one item and has not responded to repeated news releases for over four years has rarely if ever spoken to Our sales manager who has been doing the job for four years. Yes I do just about remember them but as I said it was all a long time ago. We don't ask for much but we do demand a certain degree of commitment and professionalism and we don't like to deal with people who are not serious are just out to make a quick profit on a hot product.
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