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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. fordski
    Nice setup, the KEF speakers are on my wish list! And the LG OLED is an amazing TV. I think the mojo with headphones is a perfect late night setup for it as well.....enjoy!
  2. miketlse
    I don't watch much TV these days, mostly when some sport on. But I usually use the TV optical output to my Mojo, and it works fine. If you watch sport, and the program is using a mike in the crowd, you will hear the crowd so much clearer, that you really do feel like you are sitting amongst them.
    Admittedly not Hi-Res, but another example of the mojo working wonders with all sorts of sound inputs.
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  3. ZappaMan
    I was watching a football match, and could hear a particular woman in the crowd shouting/singing, it was awesome, more fun then the match itself !
  4. Mython Contributor
    To some of us, almost anything is more fun than a football/rugby/any-sports match! :p
  5. Zojokkeli
    Haven't tried Mojo, but I have my old Schiit Bifrost hooked up to my LG OLED television via optical connection and it works great. At some point in the future I will expand the system with a power amp and some Elac speakers.
  6. almarti
    Same decision for me.
    After a lot of issues with iOS 10 and 11 connection to Mojo through CCK I moved to CCA and I am very happy with it when using it with Mojo at home, but not a good solution when traveling in plane/train as you need to carry additional power banks.

    So I am looking for a transport with minimal specs:
    - DAC is not needed as Mojo is the one
    - a lot of storage through 1 or 2 mSD slots
    - Chromecast compliant and Android preferred
    - Can play Tidal and other lossless streaming servoces
    - Able to store Tidal offline in mSD
    - Optical output

    I spent my money in Hidizs AP200 and fully frustrated.

    If you know some devices to my specs please share. I will not invest in a high quality DAP as I will not leave Mojo.
  7. GreenBow

    I have been in your position for a long time. I still have not decided on a phone, DAP, or any gadget, for file source.

    I keep looking over the poly, but I can't work something out with it.
  8. earwego
    So many affordable high quality streamers on the market I've been mulling over and I can only choose one... these are on my shortlist:

    The Mojo / Poly
    sOTM SMS-200 Ultra version
    AURALiC Aries (full version not the Mini)
    Fidelizer NImitra

    All the above are around the £1000 or so mark all in - but I feel this is the level we should be looking at to ensure a rock solid foundation for downstream components. I've listed what seems to be the very best value for money top performance products from reviews and responses on forums - I have yet to audition them.

    I'm only going to be streaming Tidal - nothing more. Can anyone else think of any good quality streamer I have missed off my research list for around that budget?

    I can tell you that during my research I have finally knitted together the digital streaming infrastructure involving UPnP, DLNA, BubbleUPnP, MQA, Roon etc - it's been an eye opener to be sure.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  9. jarnopp
    So, a couple of questi9ns: 1, how will connect your streamer to Mojo? It seems the greatest benefit from Poly is not having the USB cable and being able to keep the phone away. But optical would be a good choice if the sample rate limitation works for you. 2, do you need/want portability?
  10. earwego
    No I won't be using the Mojo as a portable unit - but in a fully fledged separates system. The Mojo is "that" good it would fit in amongst a good separates system and be right at home showing other DACs a thing or two.

    If I choose to keep the Mojo with the others solutions I have listed - no problem - the Mojo can be connected with USB from the digital streamers mentioned.
  11. Amberlamps
    Ive had my mojo for about a year now and I was wondering roughly how long does everyones mojo last for on a full charge ?

    Reason I ask is because chord says mojo on a full charge should last anywhere between 8-10 hours, my experience is I am lucky if I get 4 hours playing time out of my mojo and its been like that from day one.

    I never really thought about it until I got the poly addon which chord says should have 8-10 hours of usage on a full charge.

    When using them as a combo mojo runs out of juice hours before poly does.

    So I was wondering, roughly how long does everyones mojo last for on a full charge.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2018
  12. SteveOliver
    @Phuca I've owned my Mojo for 2+ years, I'm not sure exactly when I got it. I don't use it exclusively it competes for my attention with several other sources, I would guess its had somewhere between 100 and 150 charges though.

    Runtime for me on Friday last week was 7 hours, the LED was orange so it still had a bit more power left too, Friday's headphone of choice was the Sennheiser HD650.

    I'm still happy with the run-time per charge, keeping my fingers crossed though. The battery life I find is dependent source rather than load, I mainly use USB but some sources seem to drain the battery quicker
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  13. Paiceyfan
    Diverting slightly.. I have been trying to find someone who regularly uses the HD650 with a Mojo. How do you find the combination? I was worried it might be too polite, as I listen to Hard Rock, predominantly.
  14. SteveOliver
    Mojo/HD650, works well for me, great synergy to my ears. Friday was Supertramp, early 70's albums day, they were all sounding good. :) For reference I've compared this pairing with Hugo 2, to me it's main improvement is sounding more open, with better sound-stage, but then it should at the price.
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  15. Mython Contributor
    That sounds 'Logical' to me.

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