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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Planemaker
    Hello all

    I have been reading a lot on the Mojo and would be really interested to get it

    As of today, I am using a Sony ZX1 +DAC/amp sony pha2 and a pair of 535
    This setup gave hours of pleasure and I am quite happy about them but consider to upgrade with either Shure 846 or Mojo. And I see some of you have used either 535 or 846 with the Mojo

    Could yoi please share your experience? Which one would you consider first?

  2. pfurey89
    For sure get the 846 if you like the sound sig. for the money there are much better IEMs however
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    If it were me, I'd probably sell the ZX1 (no need for expensive DAP if using an external DAC/amp) and use it to buy the IEMs if I liked how they sound. DAC won't make as much of an impact on what you hear as much as headphones will. I'd only consider buying the Mojo if you really wanted something a little more portable.
  4. HarveySwick
    As of yesterday, I'm officially in the Mojo Club! This little thing is amazing. My first DAC/Amp not named Dragonfly. I love it.

    Question for you guys: would there be a significant upgrade in sound if I picked up a Fiio 3 vs music from my iPhone?
  5. Aeromarine
    is this pelican micro 1020 case?
  6. Music Alchemist
    OMG... Paula Cole sounds godlike on the Mojo.
  7. Currawong Contributor

    Yup. If you don't strap the Mojo to the DAP, it fits sideways perfectly too.
  8. GreenBow
    I was thinking a while ago, about folk who bought a Mojo case but don't want it. Meaning because they will get the Poly and the new Poly/Mojo case, could sell the Mojo case here. I would most like be looking for a bargain buy on a Mojo case. I am not totally sure yet but I think I want one.
    I kind of like the tactile feel of the Mojo on my desk. However I would definitely prefer to keep it mint. I'd only buy from the UK because I don't want high postage charges for recorded mail from abroad.
  9. michaelgordon
    Can anyone recommend a small dap to pair with mojo? 
    My new phone dosent play very well, the Onkyo app crashes and its getting annoying.  I know about the Shanlikng M1 but was wondering if there is anything else small like that.  I would prefer to have a usb connection so i dont have to buy new cables but its not a deal breaker.
  10. Bengkia369

    AK70 fits nicely!
  11. Mojo ideas
    We are making six how to use application videos they have all been shot but we are waiting on post production work before we release them well before production
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  12. michaelgordon
    thats for the info but at that price i may as well wait for the poly
  13. SP Wild

    The 846 just like the 215s have a definite stage sound to them, only the 846 is far more resolving. I wouldn't suggest there are much better iems for the price, merely different perspectives.
  14. SP Wild
    What was the reasoning for making the line out a 3v output? This is the highest single ended output I have encountered.

    While not a deal breaker, as I could merely adjust the output lower, why not just make it a 2v output?
  15. GreenBow

    Have you looked in the third post at the list of DAPs that work with Mojo.
    Personally I am thinking about getting the Sony NWZ-A15.

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