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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
    Pay attention to choose cables in fonction of your taste and not from the wallet.
    Try to compare with these ones to understand what it is about.
  2. Music Alchemist
    I only listen to music at home and mainly care about ultimate sound quality. (The only way I'd buy a luxury DAP is if I exclusively listened to music away from home.)
    Based on impressions of them outperforming others (including ones that cost five figures), I have my eye on this network player and music server:
    ...But personally I wouldn't get them until after at least upgrading to the Hugo 2.
    Oh man, that sucks. I always adjust the volume for whichever headphone I'm going to use before I put it on. But actually, in line level mode, it reduces the volume to lower than I usually listen to with the HD 800. So with harder to drive headphones, it's not an issue.
    That's the only way I know of to activate line level mode.
    From the manual:
    It's meant for connecting to an external amplifier. (Etc.) It basically just sets the volume to that level, but you can adjust the volume to whatever else you want. (As long as you're sure you should in that situation.)
  3. ufospls2
    Hi Guys,
    I have been using my iFi iCAN Micro SE for a couple weeks now. I have a problem, and I have no clue how to solve it, as I can't figure out which component is causing the problem. I THINK it is my computer, but I'm not sure. I am feeding the iCAN with a Chord Mojo, and when it was plugged in via USB to my Macbook Pro there was a very loud buzz/hum from 8 o'clock to 10'oclock on the volume knob. I then began connecting the Mojo to my Macbook Pro via Optical, and the buzz/hum went away. All is fine, or so I thought.
    Now, I am getting electrical shocks when I touch the case of the iCAN, shocks when I touch the Mojo, and shocks from the Metal connectors on my headphones, when the headphones are plugged into the iFi. Also, if I plug the Mojo in via USB, you can see little sparks at the usb port as you plug it in, which makes me THINK it is my Macbook Pro that is the problem. This all happens whether or not the Macbook Pro is plugged in, or not plugged in, it makes no difference. The Mojo is battery powered, so I'm guessing it is not the Mojo, but I'm not sure. 
    I am going to cross post this in a couple threads, as I have no clue which component is causing the problem, and I don't want to fry my gear. Any help would be appreciated, I'm not an electrical engineer, and I'm so confused as to what is going on. 
    Note: The Macbook Pro, when plugged in, is using a 3 prong magsafe adapter. The iFi is plugged in via a 3 prong iPOWER. 

    Did you try a different USB cable? Sounds like there is a short.

    As for the hum, are you sure the two outlets are on the same circuit? You might have a ground loop. You could also try running the MacBook as a floating source instead.
  5. ufospls2
    Yup I've tried 3 USB cables with the same results. I think the two outlets are on the same circuit? I have the same problem no matter where the gear is plugged in within the house. Whats a floating source? Sorry I'm not experienced electronically. 

    Unplug the MacBook and run on battery
  7. Music Alchemist
    Caved in and bought the Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone software.
    I was actually the first person on Head-Fi to post a tutorial for it back when I was using the trial.
    Crossing my fingers I can get much better sound now! Anxious because it cost 99 Euros...
    Do you have any other computers you can test with?
    He already did that:
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  8. Seiperotto
    Hi everyone.
    I am enjoying the Tidal Master streaming through my mojo but i was wondering how can i get the best from mqa streaming.
     Mojo is not a mqa decoder (unless chord will update his firmware, but i think it will never happen) so i'm using the tidal app built in converter but if i understood well, software conversion of mqa files can't get the best from this file format that requires an hardware converter to do the job at his best. So i was wondering, do you know if there is a portable device to connect to the mojo and to my mac and my android phone that could make the mqa decoding at his best, leaving to the mojo the merely dac job?
    Thanks in advance to everyone will contribute.

    I think I see now why the Tidal app only unfolds once. It's probably in their licensing terms so that the suits behind MQA can make more money on royalties from hardware sales for components that incorporate MQA decoding. Fantastic.
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  10. maxh22

    Pretty much. I don't see why the full un-folding can't take place natively in the Tidal App.
  11. eddiek997

    PM sent. It's a product not made by chord so I thought it courteous not to post the link in the chord thread.
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  12. audi0nick128
    if you know a MQA capable Digital to Digital Converter many here would like to know...
  13. EagleWings
    You mean the Studio->Mojo is even more open, detailed and airy than the M1 Pro->Mojo?
    M1 Pro->Mojo sounded more transparent and open compared to the Fiio X3ii->Mojo. I did not compare it to any of the USB sources though.
  14. TG04
    Wait a minute!  The $34 dollar quote is from Bangalore, India ... what is the current price in the western hemisphere?
  15. maxh22
    I haven't heard the Mojo through an iPhone but I have heard it through a number of mobile phone's, PC's, music servers, and devices.
    The thing I really enjoyed about the M1 Pro as a source was the inherent musicality it produced when compared against my other USB sources. 
    Mojo had a lot more body to it and instruments sounded more realistic than either the M1 Pro alone could produce or when Mojo is connected to my LG V20 through an OTG cable.
    I didn't have any expectations when connecting the M1 to the Mojo but day after day my initial gut feeling was confirmed. The M1 Pro as a source gives the sound ease and makes it sound effortless and musical, the way Mojo should always sound.
    I feel it even gives the Microrendu/LPS-1 a good run for the money, coming dangerously close actually.

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