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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. wakka992
    Hi guys, no answer to my question so I'll change it: is a standard 75ohm coax RCA/RCA cable (such as the chord c-digital that I already have) going to work with the mojo if I use a RCA to mono 3.5mm (1/8in) adapter?
    Otherwise I'll have to buy a new RCA/Mono Jack cable (and the chord one goes for a whooping 100£ minimum)
    images.jpg  + 1152.jpg =[​IMG]?
  2. willowbrook
    Had that problem with my laptop while tethering via phone. I had these clicks that would not go away no matter what setting I switched or what cable I borrowed. Even borrowed a very short usb w/ ferrite beads on both ends. Gave up and got a gov2+. Never had that problem with any other dacs with the same laptop. Don't know if you are getting clicks or not, but try putting your phone in airplane mode. This solution should work. Although I never took the mojo outside with my phone and really never had any noise or clicking problem without a phone involved, it's a real shame that so many people are facing interference problems related to phone usage when the mojo is a portable dac/amp. Should be the first thing that should be addressed before anything.
  3. Light - Man
    That would be a much cheaper solution but ideally it would be best not to have an adapter in the equation due to theoretical reflections that it may create (but they may not be audible).
    Can we assume that your source is a CD player and you want to include the iFi SPDIF ipurifier to see if it improves the sound.
    The adapters are only a few pounds so would be worth a go.
  4. wakka992
    Thanks for your reply.
    Source would be a USB to Spdif converter, then to iFi SPDIF ipurifier then to MoJo/other DAC.
    I'll buy a cable for the MoJo then...
  5. Light - Man
    If you have the cash to spare then it may be worth it (with the added benefit that you could connect the new cable directly from a CD player to the Mojo).
    But, do you really need all that gear in the chain as they and the cables may detract more from the sound than they theoretically would benefit it. I usually find it best to keep things as simple and direct as possible. 
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  6. zerolight
    No clicks, just occasional intermittent buzz of a mobile phone.
  7. wakka992
    Don't worry, I'm crazy and I know it [​IMG]
  8. Light - Man
    That is a good start - at least you and I know it - many others here are still in denial [​IMG].......[​IMG].........[​IMG]
  9. almarti
    I received 6" mine today and it works properly. Thanks! I already prefer it over L19
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  10. TG04
    Personally, I'm not there yet, but it was suggested in another post that replacing the battery in Mojo is fairly routine, any (authorized) Chord dealer can do it in a jiffy ... at what cost I'd like to know?  My unit is about to celebrate its first birthday and thus go off-warranty -- often that's when problem start!
  11. music4mhell
    Why prefer over L19 ?
  12. KwyjiboVenneri
    I thought none of these cables worked because they aren't MFi certified.
  13. wakka992
    Ok, I've contacted a selle on ebay for a custom cable for MoJo... Now the question: how long should the coax cable be?!
    The shortest the better? Or longer? Chord on MoJo site (http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/support/dacs/hear-no-audio-output/i-am-using-mojo/connecting-coax-input/) suggest to use cable of 1,5mt or less to avoid connection problem, but they sell cable up to 5mt! [​IMG] 
  14. Light - Man
    I  would opt for the shorter cable that would suit your needs and remember that good coaxial cables tend to be quite stiff and therefore may put stress on the socket in the Mojo over time.
    I would probably opt for the cheaper adapter option as you are only experimenting to see if your set up improves with the additional equipment.
  15. miketlse
    Dealers were charging $34 for replacing the Hugo battery, so I would expect similar or less for Mojo. http://www.head-fi.org/t/702787/chord-hugo/13995#post_12965364

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