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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. DjBobby

    Thanks for the heads up, a good question indeed.
    It says "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon". The seller is called Chord, but obviously doesn't have anything to do with the Chord Electronics. Also it says "Delivery on 7 Dec." but once ordered changes to "you will be informed when the product is available". 
  2. audi0nick128
    the way I read this is that Amazon Germany is the seller. As it's said sold by Amazon.
    The name chord is just to show the manufacturer.

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  3. PhilW
    do you also get a free case?
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  4. DjBobby

    No free case, also not offered to buy it separately on German Amazon. 
  5. UNOE

    You should be able to order it from U.K. Faster than that or another DE authorized resaler. I don't believe Amazon directly sales mojo in US either.
  6. PhilW
    Ah must be a UK thing then as we do free case atm
  7. miketlse
    Thanks for replying.
    I was answering the question "Is anybody listen Mojo connected to integrated amplifier with output Volume higher than 3 volt?" and trying to say (although admittedly a bit ambiguously in practice), that I do not connect to my amp using 3V+, but rather at just the 2.75V that my Arcam can cope with.
    To get the 2.75V (or thereabouts) I take the standard line-out, and reduce it by 2 clicks - and the Arcam seems happy with that.
  8. AlexB73
    I have opposite situation. 
    I have integrated tube (6sn7-6f6-300B) SE amplifier with 100K ohm input L-pad. 
    I need input signal as high as possible for better Signal to Noise.
    Is it a good idea to run Mojo with 4-4.5 volt output? Is Moje SQ the same with 3 vs 4.5 volt output?
    In Stereophile review: "The maximum output level before waveform clipping was 4.887V"
  9. miketlse
    Buried deep within post #3 is this statement
    . The output is pure class A at 5v RMS into 300 ohm.
    So Mojo is designed to cope with 5V output, so I would think that it will handle 4.5V ok.
    However you are best to wait until some of the mojo users who use tube amps have had a chance to reply.
  10. Zojokkeli
    Nicely spotted! I have the M040s and I'm very happy with them. I won't be upgrading them until I move into a bigger house. Looking forward to your impressions on Encores! The Dulces out of Mojo are sublime.
  11. DjBobby

    Thanks for the notification. Great offer, unfortunately seen too late. In case nothing happens with Amazon in a decent time, will definitely go back to your website.
  12. damuffin
    John Atkinson measured the mojo and found it started to clip at 4.887v.
  13. TateCooper
    Hello all, new Mojo convert here. Just have to say, I tested it during an audition of some headphones and went back and forth between using and not using the Mojo with the same source material and I am a believer. It was night and day. I'm sure I'll fall down the DAC/AMP rabbit hole now but I am totally glad I got this to start.
  14. maxh22

    Great to hear! Welcome to the club! Just out of curiosity, what did you compare Mojo against?
  15. TateCooper
    Hey thanks! It was a straight DAC / No DAC situation. Was auditioning with Tidal HiFi via an ipad and then through Mojo and also straight out of my Google Pixel phone with no Mojo.
    Now comes the inevitable road of DAC comparisons. I guess once you go DAC you never go back. LOL.

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