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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. music4mhell
    How did you get to know that it's fully charged ?
  2. tf10charged
    when it stops charging( LED off)
  3. Phoebus7
    Yes indeed when I see light is off than I assume it is fullyl charged, I test it also for few minutes to see if it is working, then leave it off overnight but next morning it is completely drained.
  4. Dithyrambes
    I never said it was bad. That being said.....why does the hugo sound more open and transparent with more highs if the mojo treble is measured the same? Because the lower noise modulation floor it sounds smoother? there is treble roll off. The whole dac chip, is a bit midcentric without much air at the top and a bit of emphasis on midbass. Sure if this was tuned for iems, sure, i guess the more bassier sound is good because there is so much noise out. Midbass emphasis doesn't allow for bass extension to go as far. Sure it might measure that way, but doesn't sound that way. Even @Duncan said that the qp1r has more extension on the top and bottom(albeit not controlled), so yes the mojo does not extend as far. Detail retrieval is great. There is also weird imaging which I found and I was glad that another member @Whitigir heard it and pointed out. Instead of a sphere its more of an X with some weird soundscaping. Also with added depth, comes narrow soundstage and less height.
    If Mojo was such a transparent amp/dac with such driveability, there doesn't need to be any amps. This is untrue. I followed this forum and tried to drive my he-560 and it sounded far worse from the mojo than the ifi micro idsd, only because of lack of power. I like the DAC section of the mojo better. The mojo while being a marvel in engineering has short comings. I would never dissuade anyone from getting an amp for a HD800 or HE1K and tell them the mojo drives it well enough there will be no increase in sound quality. In a blind test I'm sure people would choose mojo with an amp with many of those headphones.
    These are just characteristics of the dac, and if you like it, then you like it. If you don't, then you don't. Just because the masses like something, and award it doesn't mean its great. That reminds me of when my friend berated for not liking beyonce............ I think you know this. This forum is for honest opinions so that people who are looking for impressions can purchase. We aren't looking to fight and put down the mojo. Just try to give an honest opinions and impressions instead of hyperboles.
    I read a lot of opinions and bought the QP1R.....people saying it is equal to or much better than the mojo. I find this for myself completely false and prefer the mojo by a mile. Everyone outside the ZX2 thread here said the mojo and qp1r is a step above the ZX2. I do not think so having heard all of them and think for iems, the ZX2(trrs) is better, with much better soundstaging, microdetail retreival(nuances), etc. The mojo does sound punchier and cleaner so it does sometimes make the music feel more alive. For headphones and my studio monitors....the mojo.
    People's opinions can different from my own.....but i still respect them and it is their choice of what to think. If they want an amp, let them use the amp instead of being......the mojo has enough power...you just haven't had brain burn in to understand the sound....or you like distortion that is leading to a worse sound. Don't refuse to acknowledge someone else's opinion and keep regurgitating Rob Watt's words like the gospel. Everyone hears differently. If they didn't, CHORD would be the only dac maker and everyone would be left in the dust. Just be happy we have choices.
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  5. Arpiben
    We may progress troubleshooting if you may answer or test the following, please:
    1. Off overnight means all color balls Off ?
    2. Off overnight with or without any other coaxial or USB cables plugged in ?
    3. If Off overnight with cables plugged, pls repeat overnight test without any cables
    4. From completely drained , how long does it take to fully charge again?
    5. How long do you have Mojo?
    6. Was Mojo purchased new?
  6. Delayeed
    You NAILED it with those comments about the Mojo!
  7. rkt31
    it's very surprising people find high impedance headphones difficult to drive with mojo. I don't have any problems with mojo driving dt880 600ohm. as far as sound signature of mojo is concerned, as per chord mojo has more noise filtering which makes the sound signature warm which actually is not a roll off of treble. hugo has less filtering but might have better transients making it sound more open.
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  8. Mojo ideas
  9. sandiway

    I got my Lavricable that failed back from Konstantins.
    He said he couldn't tell what was wrong but he replaced the electronics inside anyway.
    It all works now. I'm a happy customer.
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  10. Mython Contributor
    I'm pleased to hear it's now working for you.
    Are you feeling in a helpful mood?
    There is someone in the Hugo thread who might appreciate some help from you, if you could spare the time:
  11. trachery
    I'm getting my Mojo next month and have ordered the optical cable to hook up to my X7 Fiio.
    Most of my files are in Flac format. From this thread I've gathered that the best format is RBCD redbook CD. 16bit/44.1KHz.
    Does it make a difference if the files were in .wav or .flac ? I've gone through most of post#3, but I might have missed that info...
  12. jmills8
    ask Warrior1975, he has that stack.
  13. Barndoor
    Flac is a file conversion that reduces the file size of a wav file without losing quality (unlike mp3), so you are good to go with flac.
  14. GreenBow
    I do not recall reading that the Mojo is best with Redbook files. Any Redbook quality or above would be fine.
  15. Delayeed
    .wav and .flac are both lossless so there's no quality loss in either one. FLAC is better for tagging

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