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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Duncan Moderator
    No, as that is an analogue (line out) cable, not a digital one, NO DAC will work with that cable
  2. windstreak20
    ^ So we need to use the OTG cable for walkman in order to access the DAC of the mojo?
  3. Beolab

    Hi @Rob Watts !

    Usually one of the first thing you wright about your new DAC products are the amount of taps , but this time it is a secret to my understandings, or can you share the tap spec with us would be very intresting.

    Best regards

  4. Duncan Moderator
    As it is Sony it is a very specific cable, only available in Japan, forget the model number right now, but it is mentioned frequently in the ZX2 thread.
  5. Raika
    yes let's hear it , I bet no taps at all .
  6. ezekiel77
    Very happy with my Centrance Hifi-M8, then this happens. The majority of my audio gear are IEMs, plus 2 cans (HE-400i and LCD-X incoming). If the Mojo can power these two cans I'm all in. The size is phenomenal!
  7. TokenGesture
    Hi @Rob Watts congratulations on another coup.  
    Can you shed some light on the thinking in the Hugo range - in terms of cost versus performance.  From £400 to £ 2999 how do you see the SQ differing at the various levels?  Should Hugo owners be feeling a bit miffed about now [​IMG] ?
  8. Raika
  9. purk Contributor
    Some more pictures of the MOJO.
    The MOJO is roughly the same size as the original AK100 and approximately 60% the size of the ZX2.  This little thing sound seriously good for the price & size.  Hope to provide more impressions once I run it in for a few more days.
  10. windstreak20
    Which is better, the DAC of zx2 or the DAC of mojo? I might use my zx2 as transport and use the mojo for its DAC/amp features.
    Can anyone compare it with the CL Theorem 720 and Sony PHA-3? TIA
  11. raypin
    mmm......in the Alo Audio CDM thread, some Sony ZX2 owners (3 of us now at least) have solved the ZX2 problem with the Brimar Audio ZX2 LOD to CDM micro USB cable to access both the amp and dac sections of the CDM (with the Sony ZX2 as pure transport). I believe the cable may work with the Mojo and ZX2 (as transport) if that is what you want. I'm guessing. Need to confirm with Brimar Audio first before trying. If not, I don't see why Brimar (or others) can't fashion a similar custom cable.
  12. purk Contributor
    Please give me couple of days and I should be able to post some more impressions given that I have both the ZX2 & PHA3.  BTW, the ZX2 doesn't have a DAC.  Are we talking about headphone out vs. headphone out between the two players?
  13. x RELIC x Contributor
    It's incredible how the MoJo can produce a great sound from such a small (tiny really) device.

    MoJo box next to the iPhone 5s box



  14. Jeff Y
    But not quite eh?
  15. STR-1
    I'm reading these posts with mixed emotions - pleased to read all the positive posts, and I do want a mojo, but only bought my Hugo a month ago.  From experience with Hugo and Hugo TT, what kind of run-in changes can we expect from the Mojo?  The comments so far are based on equipment that has only been running for up tot 20 hours.
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