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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Forty6

    Yours doesn't turns , those 10 apiece cheapos turns freely :D
  2. analogmusic
    Listening to "Do I Do" from Stevie Wonder on Mojo.
    I remember hearing this on analog tape 35 years ago, sounded wonderful, and now on Mojo, just like I heard 35 years ago.
    All the musicality is back !
    Same with "love light in flight" (Steve Wonder), heard that on Vinyl more than 30 years ago, now sounds exactly the same on Mojo !
    Same musicality !
    Amazing [​IMG]

    Rob Watts is a Genius !!!
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  3. Forty6

    Well , the source which feeds into the mojo and the iem / headphone you had used to pair up with mojo , which in turn mojo feeds out to the iem/ headphone plays a very big part too .
  4. Soundizer
    I use the Mojo as my desktop Dac/Amp only. Did allot of research first and found it to be the best choice within my budget. However i will now only use it for portable use and looking again for a desktop Dac/Amp.

    As my desktop Dac/Amp I am considering either purchasing a second Mojo or maybe another product from Chord- would the 2Qute be an upgrade to the Mojo. Is it a Dac and Amp?
  5. headfry
    I agree....classic albums such as Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark" reveal their genius
    through Mojo and the right transducers (Grado GS1000i in this case) - better than I've 
    ever heard it (used to have a very good Linn-based turntable system). The musicality,
    nuances of Joni's singing, the effervescent trumpets...everything....phenomenal. 
    Alll because of Mojo's brilliant reproduction - Mojo is proof that source comes first,
    as it even allows my RS80e's to sound its best.
    As someone else has pointed out on another message board, Mojo is the new Linn LP12
    .....bringing high-end reproduction to the masses
    .....and is a revolution in value, portable form-factor and great design/build quality.
    With the right partnering equipment, Mojo is revelatory, allowing the original performance
    and production to be savoured in all its quality(ies)!!!
    PS: Checking out Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature" (2000).....highly recommended!
  6. NuntiusMortis
    I using my mojo with my android and I have a small micro to micro usb host cable for it.
    I'm wondering if there is a way to charge the android while connected to the mojo?
    I've seen some usb splitters but I'm unsure which one will work and don't want to take a chance at damaging either the android or the mojo.
  7. waveSounds
    The 2Qute is a DAC only, but I'm also thinking about going the 2Qute route for desktop/home use. Comparisons welcome!
  8. Peter Hyatt

    Hence the emotional connection to Chord by Mojo users that comes out in the language they use to post.
      It is powerful as it is packed with many years of memory unleashed.  I, and so many others, experienced the same.  Well said! 
    The engineering genius has benefited us all.  
  9. Forty6
    I just hope that the chord engineering research team could eliminate all difficulties sooner with regards to the Bluetooth module which intended to be attached to the mojo can come faster .
    That Aptx enabled Bluetooth module is my Christmas wishlist for this year .
  10. Soundizer

    That would be great. I really hope it also supports AAC.
  11. Rob Watts
    Its not the source that comes first - but the weakest link. And the DAC/amp is for sure the weakest link, for a whole host of reasons.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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    Logic cells is a misnomer... I think the latest generation packs more LUTs and FFs into each slice than the Spartan 6 series did. But if the part in the Mojo really does only have 45 DSP slices and say 16,640x6 LUTs* and 16,640x8* registers, then I have even more doubt the 26k taps are being processed in parallel... There has to be some timesharing going on... Which would explain the clock rate that was chosen. So the filtering must be some partially serialized polyphase design. And then of course there is still the interface logic, LED control, etc. I bet the device is pretty full... Most people target around 80% utilization during part selection to avoid congestion so that PAR doesn't struggle to close timing while balancing cost.

    *I didn't bother looking at the datasheet, these numbers are approximate but not far off.

    Sent from my E5803 using a highly trained, special forces carrier pigeon
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  13. Zojokkeli
    Picked up Mojo from the post office today. Initial charge should be ready once the led stops blinking?
  14. jmills8
    IT SHOULD NEVER BLINK. If blink its not charging. Try unplug wait and replug. Or a better charger.
  15. psikey
    If its blinking its not getting enough power. Must be a steady light. I used a 2A Samsung charger with Samsung cable and no problem.

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