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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. harmonix

    Just my $0.02 I don't think the ak120 is in the same league and no amount of amping will get you to the Hugo's level. I suspect this thing has plenty of juice but have not tested with headphones - I wanted portability so iems are it.
  2. nOtEcH
    I just wondered if the iPhone (or iPad) could be used normally and have sound out of the Hugo using the USB cable? Like looking at a video on a site for instance?
    And I wonder about the same thing using Bluetooth.. the latter would work I guess.. and I guess it would work with the USB cable also.. but it might be upsampled to 16/48?
    (I just want a seamless experience regardless of what I throw at it.. the Hugo that is..)
  3. nOtEcH
    Have you tested the "psycho-filters" and how the different settings affect your iem's?
  4. harmonix

    You mean the cross feed feature?
    Not sure it makes any difference - now and then I thought there was a difference but it might be just placebo. Frankly anyone who thinks iems or headphones image haven't really heard imaging on full range speakers

    Having said that have not tried them on headphones yet. Due to the physical distance of iems to the ear canal I wonder - have not tried headphones maybe it works better there... But then again compared to speakers... I'm a jaded old guy whose tried all manner of gadgets to get headphones to image.... I'll believe it when I hear it
  5. nOtEcH
    Yes, the cross feed feature, also called the psychoacoustics filtering I believe. It is supposed to change the stage and get the music more "in front of you", rather than the usual "in your head" stage.
    I have heard that people using headphones have liked it, and was very curious about how that might affect iem's.. but not much of that you could hear anyway? [​IMG]
    Edit: Agree. Speakers images can be awesome! And I am looking for that in the headphone world.. and have not found it yet.. closest are the HD800's.
  6. jude Administrator
    harmonix, thanks for posting your first impressions. I also find the Hugo to be immensely impressive.
    Regarding your observation about the feet: though they haven't told me as much, I'm guessing that the feet are placed that way so that your mobile device (that they provide straps for) has a place to rest. As it is, my iPod Touch makes contact with all four feet, whereas it would not touch any of them if the feet were out at the Hugo's corners.
  7. harmonix

    Makes sense Jude! Now I know why the spacing of the feet fits my iPhone outline...
  8. jude Administrator
    Here's how I have the Hugo set up with my iPod Touch right now:
    (Click to see full size.)
    If anyone can think of a more elegant solution to connect these two than what I'm showing here, please do let me know.
    (The rig is on top of my iPad, only because the table underneath is black, which made it difficult to see the black USB cable.)
  9. tonyl59

    I have a feeling that the AK120 will be too small for the straps, even just using the two closest to each other. I'll find out soon enough!
    Even if it will fit, either the Hugo or the AK will have to be face down in use, and I can't really see how that's going to be practical (I want to see the Hugo's lights, and oh yes, adjust the volume too :). I may end up using a small hard aluminium-type case I have to keep them both in side-by-side. In any event, I will find a way...
  10. tonyl59
    When strapped to a dap with the supplied "bands" and when faced down, does any part of the Hugo touch the surface it's sitting on? In other words, do the bands also act as "feet" for the Hugo?
  11. nOtEcH
    This might be a solution:
  12. jude Administrator
    @nOtEcH, thanks for the link. I ordered that one, and this one from Amazon. The latter will get here tomorrow. (The one you linked to is from Australia, so I imagine will take a while longer.)
    Hopefully one or both of them will fit the recessed micro-USB jack on the Hugo.
  13. jamato8 Contributor
    How easy is it to use normal 3.5 IC's on? Thinking seriously about the Hugo but it is a chunk of change. 
  14. CosmicHolyGhost
    I believe the asking price of Hugo suggests that it will outperform the HM-901. Any comparison between the two will be highly appreciated especially in handling highres FLAC files.
    Seriously thinking to get one later on this year after the inital rush.
    Many thanks
  15. harmonix
    Have not had any issues with FLAC files - this is my default format for PCM and DSF for DSD. Still a bit early to put in final judgement but my mind is coming around to thinking the Hugo's real competition is with big DAC's not portable ones. I like it better than the Mytek and the Benchmark DAC2. Haven't put it side by side with the Eximus but leaning toward's the Hugo....  Would be curious if someone did a shootout with the Aurelac Vega. 
    It's not every day you hear a DAC which brings some surprises and smiles - when you hear it you take notice. Just commenting on the D/A conversion here and not the amp side - since I'm using IEM's this is not a real issue headphone users take note - your mileage will vary. If anyone would like to lend me a pair of LCD-X would be more than happy to try it out [​IMG] 
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