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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Zzt231gr
  2. miketlse
    I think there have been posts about using ferrites on power cables, but much of the experimentation/talk about using ferrites happened on the Mojo and Blu2 threads, so you may find what you are searching for on those threads.
  3. Zzt231gr
    Thank you.

    I am aware of that but that doesn't mean Qutest behaves the same!
  4. alphaman
    Yeah, that Sharp has some issues with jitter! Still, not a bad first attempt given all that was praised about it 20 years ago. As the Munich presentation noted. In the 90s, Sharp created a dedicated ASIC to implement this "new" technology.
    It's curious how the HiFi Munich 2018 presentation on DSD amps (see prev. post), made no mention of other direct-digital amps such as TacT or NAD or DDFA -- it was only Andrus Aaslaid, speaking about orig. Sharp and his new Estelon direct-digital speaker.

    Speaking of "direct-digital" ....
    Mr Watts, is this what your Pulse-Array d/a conversion is based on? That is, a digital stream is fed into the P-A fpga's that can drive amps "directly" (apart from the simple output R-C filter immediately following)?
  5. Icenine2
    Why are these frequently for sale? Do listeners feel a need to upgrade to Hugo @ TT or Dave? Seems like a fair amount sell these fairly new. I'm going to listen to this and the Hugo 2 TT next week. I can't imagine needing the TT and using the Headphone amp as well and replacing my Cavalli Liquid Fire but I've been wrong mucho times before!
  6. Jon L
    Really? When I was looking to buy one, there may have been 1, maybe 2 on sale on the used market in the whole world; and even then, they were asking for like $100 off MSRP, so I ended up with a new unit.
    If you consider how many thousands of these popular units Chord must have sold by now, the percentage seems very low...
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  7. Icenine2
    Two on eBay right now. Check the Forum here for DAC's and check how many have sold.
  8. Icenine2
  9. Icenine2
  10. Qute Beats
    Hi, I moved my system about and ended up having to route rca cable near power cable, so put ferrites on the power leads to both Qutest and amp, as normally keep those well separated. There was no negative to this, as to positives, hard to say, but no harm. I basically have ferrites all over the place now as I like to think they help. They certainly did on my USB cable, but using optical now. Very cheap so experiment.
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  11. betula
    @Icenine2 What are you trying to prove? Qutest is a popular DAC. If a product is popular and is sold in relatively large numbers, you will find more of it on the secondhand market too.
    The fact Qutest hardly loses anything on the secondhand market from the retail price compared to other DACs speaks for itself.
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  12. Qute Beats
    I would only sell mine if buying a TT2! But, as I posted a few pages back the improvement between the two was I thought quite small, though definitely there, but price is the factor. However if folk are considering an expensive headamp with the Qutest, then the amp on TT2 is very good and there may not then be much in it cost wise.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  13. Icenine2
    That's what I would think. Thank you. What I was wondering is if some buy the Qutest, love it and jetison their preamp or headphone amp to get an all-in-one w/the Hugo 2TT or Dave instead.
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  14. Qute Beats
    I've not done this yet obviously, but yes that would be my next move. I personally don't think the increased tap count is the major contributor to improved SQ, but having a better quality analogue stage with shortest possible path to output is.
  15. Qute Beats
    Also the TT2 can drive speakers directly with XLR to speaker wire adaptor. I ran Monitor Audio Silver 10s straight from TT2 XLRs (diy cable) and got lovely sound at reasonable (not chest thumping) volume. The MA's are spec'ed at 4ohm and 90db sensitivity. TT2 I think gives 18watts into 8ohm via XLR, so you can roughly double that into 4ohm.
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