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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Joe-Siow
    I was less fortunate in that I had the MScaler for home trial over a period of 6 days. By the time it left my setup, I was utterly hooked on it. Had to detox from my setup for a good few days after

  2. Nik74
    I m very excited to see what’s coming from Chord today !
    I m pairing my Qutest with a Luxman SQ-N100 integrated and the entry level Audio Note AX-2 standmount. Such a musical communicator that I find it difficult to listen critically
    Happy 30th Chord Electronics !
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  3. Zzt231gr
    Your preamp?

    Thank you.Lucky me,I don't own these...Pink Floyds' Wish You Where Here 2012 remastering sounds excellent!

    BTW,sometimes the output filters tame the harshness and you don't have to lower the volume that much.
  4. 211276
    NVA P90SA pre amp, NVA A80 monoblocks, NVA Cube 1 speakers, NVA TSC interconnectors and NVA TSCS speaker cable. The streamer is the Sonore microRendu. Have recently added the Mscaler, its benefits very apparant.
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  5. 211276
    When I auditioned the Mscaler with Qutest at a dealers I was not that impressed. When I took it home on a ten day loan it was a different matter and I could not be without it. Appreciated it most in the five weeks I had to wait for one to arrive from Chord.
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  6. Joe-Siow
    Yup, that sounds about right
  7. Qute Beats
    Preamp I have is Exposure XXIII, but I prefer the sound of Qutest direct to poweramp and controlling volume on PC.
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  8. Chop-Top
    I probably shouldn't have a home trial then. :wink:
  9. Joe-Siow
    That depends on how much you hate your wallet. Haha
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  10. Qute Beats
    Demo'd a new bit of kit yesterday that's gonna work really well with my Qutest set-up. It will be a substantial upgrade to my current set up too, so going to place an order.
    A La-z-boy rocking recliner! Super comfy and looks the business. :L3000:
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  11. Qute Beats
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  12. Qute Beats
    Don't think anyone was expecting that, looks fabulous though. Leaves me wondering if more additions to the range are planned..
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  13. jwbrent
    Streamer would be nice.
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  14. Triode User
    Yes, it makes one wonder what it would plug into within the Chord range in terms of similar price and appearance amplifiers. I wonder if there is something in the pipeline. Perhaps an amplifier to come in the Qutest range?
  15. Nik74
    I second the streamer wish though.
    It would be great to have Rob Watts’ implementation of a source that would feed the Qutest optimally. Preferably with Toslink that would support 192khz.
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