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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. dac64
    Well! The Qutest is a good match for my 30k pre amp.

    Maybe those sellers didn't own a 30k pre amp!
  2. kumar402
    one of the reason i see is the price difference in UK and US. In UK you can buy it for ~$1300 and if you have a good relation with some dealers then may be lesser and over here it is available for 1800+.
    So some are trying to make a few bucks by selling it in US for say 1500 or 1400.
  3. Rob Watts
    DDFA did not use pulse array as it is a PWM switching output... My pulse array DACs are linear outputs, and the feedback loop with pulse array DACs is analogue only.
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  4. Gibson59
    Is anyone else using Qutest as your main DAC in your speaker system?

    As good as Qutest sounds with my HEKse/Milo it has paid equal or greater dividends with my Martin Logan Motion 40 speakers that are driven by a Peachtree Nova 220se amp. The Peachtree is solid state amp, but leans towards warmth and the Martin Logans are very musical. Mix in the clean, detailed, transparent Qutest and I've achieved great synergy amongst the components!

    Curious what speaker/amp combos everyone else is enjoying with their Qutest.
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  5. Zzt231gr
    Exposure 3010S2 power amp with passive preamp and Epos M15 speakers.CD playback only.The room is treated and dedicated listening room.

    The system is highly musical and extremely revealing.This has it's cons though,because you don't enjoy badly mastered albums!And they are more than you think...
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  6. Joe-Siow
    Leben CS300XS integrated amp driving the Omega Super Alnico Monitors for me
    Also have the Uptone JS-2 powering the SMS-200 and Qutest, with a power conditioner

    Lightly treated with bass traps only, do intend to add diffuser panels and a rug
    Sounds more than decent if I am honest :ksc75smile:
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  7. HumanMedia
    Hail to the JS-2!
    One point to consider is that powering two devices from the JS-2 defeats the galvanic isolation and could be creating a noise loop. Check with uptone to confirm.
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  8. Joe-Siow
    Interesting point. I'll be sure to email Alex to find out more. Thanks!
  9. jwbrent
    Raidho XT-1s driven by a Luxman MQ-88 tube amp with the Qutest as my DAC. Still using my MacBook Air with the latest version of Audirvana (v3.5) to feed the Qutest. Kimber cables. Highly musical sounding. :relieved:
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  10. Qute Beats
    For speakers I go direct into Exposure XXVIII Power Amp and Monitor Audio Silver 10s. Room is treated with absorbent panels on walls and a couple of base traps. Lovely.
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  11. nephilim32
    Having a great system or a well thought out soundchain won’t allow you to enjoy poorly mastered music.

    Try listening to (on your nice rig there :) The Black Angels “Death Song’ or any Remastered Iron Maiden from 1998. I dare you! Lol.

    You gotta good system. Don’t feel like your equipment slouches in any way cause ****ty mastering can’t be handled. Garbage in garbage out.
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  12. Chop-Top
    Teddy Pardo PR1 pre, Naim NAP 250-2 amp and Thiel CS2.4 speakers. Sounds sublime! :ksc75smile:
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  13. Chop-Top
    BTW, I auditioned the M-Scaler and Qutest at a headphone meet this past weekend. Luckily for my wallet I didn't think the the combo was particularly better than the Qutest alone.
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  14. Deftone
    Theres a lot of noise at shows and meets, wouldnt it be more ideal to make that kind of conclusion when you hear it in isolation?
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  15. Chop-Top
    You have a point, but the Focal Stellias did a pretty good job at blocking out the crowd noise.
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