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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. HumanMedia
    Thanks for this. I use something similar. I use the LMS Server with an ultraRendu as an endpoint/player. There is a free plug-in for the LMS server called C-3PO that does something similar. I use it to do a high quality upscale PCM to 704 and 768 kHz and downres DSD to 704 before being sent to my player as PCM then on to the Qutest. It’s basically a poor mans MScaler and whilst I’m sure it doesn’t compare, I prefer it to the sound to sending the Qutest native res.

  2. Palladio: about 2:08 is that someone tapping on a wine glass on the right side? Or whatever instrument would make that effect. Sounds like glass to me.

    I don't know if it's the new headphones, the new cable, or what, but I've never heard that before now. Mind blown.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  3. HumanMedia
    Finally got to hear an M Scaler feeding the Qutest.

    Really nice. If you like the Qutest sound it’s more of the same, with more textured highs, better bass, and wonderful liquid reverb through the midrange.
    You can hear more in a track without having to turn it up.
    My piddly server based upscaling as described above was ok, but the M Scaler is a whole different thing.
    It didn’t sound immediately better though and it had a hard pushed midrange until I plugged it into the same power board as the qutest. Not sure why it didn’t like being on a different wall plug, but it all came together when on the same board.

    Now it’s gone, It’s not the same without the M Scaler.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  4. Jon L
    As they say... If you can't/don't want to afford something, don't ever listen to it.
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  5. Deftone
    Or ignorance is bliss, but of course we all suffer from the itch that is "can it really get better than this".
  6. hornytoad
    I own both the Yggy and Qutest and I like both. The Yggy has better bass IMO while the Qutest seems more resolving and has better treble.

    They are both excellant in their own way. The Qutest is certainly a lot better than the 2qute I had which I felt was beaten easily by the Yggy.
  7. Gibson59
    Great info. Could you elaborate a bit on the difference in bass response between the two... why is Yggy better in your opinion?
  8. odessamarin
    ... and I am pretty sure Yggy has much better 3d imaging. More depth soundstage representation as well :wink:
    About bass. Yes its just full from Yggy. more deep and wide.. very well extended and defined at the same time. Very good dac. Also decide to keep it for a while.
  9. hornytoad
    I just felt the Yggy has better bass response and is a little fuller but not bloated. The Qutest has that airy treble that I like a lot.

    Pairing with amps, preamps and speakers of course can change all of this to a certain extent.
  10. hornytoad
    I would tend to agree with the better soundstage with the Yggy.

    Detail oriented folks I feel would prefer the Qutest.
  11. odessamarin
    Very true.
  12. Gibson59
    Man I adore the soundstage width and depth with the Qutest as well as imaging... if the Yggy is has better soundstage it must be absolutely amazing. I spent time with Yggy, enough to know the Qutest is in the same class, but I’ve never owned a Yggy. I’ll need to get my hands on one soon just for fun to have a longer proper comparison to Qutest.
  13. hornytoad
    They are both terrific . Neither are leaving my house and yes Qutest has excellent soundstage , etc .
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  14. Joe-Siow
    That mirrors my thoughts on the M Scaler

    Once you plugged it in, it take you a while to adjust, but everything improves, albeit not day and night immediately on the ears
    You listen to it for a couple of days, and once you remove it from the setup, that is where it hits you like a sledgehammer
    The realization of how much it brings to the table hit you, followed by the horror it also brings to the decimation of the bank account

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  15. turbomustang84
    What Headphone Amplifier are you guys using with the Qutest ?
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