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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Roybenz
    Anyone paired qutest with 430had? What Volt setting is the right one?
  2. Joe-Siow
    How so? It looks a perfectly serviceable setup
  3. domho7
    Nice setup
  4. daredevil_kk
    On the contrary, I think it is fantastic combination and a hint: if you wanna improve it farther, get a Long Dog (Dachshund) Audio MCRU analog supply/post filter for the Qutest. It will eliminate line harmonics and 30db better at all frequencies which lowers related jitter/phase noise to match up to DAVE specs.
  5. Got the iFi 5v power for what it's worth. I doubt there's a discernible difference. Just checking boxes.
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  6. Baten
    Perfectly understandable since the THX AAA is still not back as a drop. The Atom will have to do until then!

    Eh. The stock qutest PSU is perfectly fine, I'd even rather think the iFi is a downgrade than an upgrade really
  7. Gibson59
    Actually I just picked up a Qutest and the guy I bought it from had an iFi Micro iUSB 3.0 that he’s letting me try out. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have to say I really like the effect it’s having on the sound. I’ve only had one night with it l, but I’ve been A/Bing back and forth with and without it in the chain and I much prefer with it. It’s both powering the Qutest and it’s bridging the USB connection between my Mac Mini and Qutest.

    Thus far I’d say anyone with a Qutest should give it (or something similar) a try. Obviously this is subjective and I’m sure some may prefer or simply be content with the sound without it in the chain. I get it if spending another $400 on top of the Qutest for moderate gains sounds silly... but I bought the Qutest as my end game DAC for the foreseeable future so I’m committed to getting the most out of it. I’ll try and get a bit more descriptive about what I like about it after I have more time with it. I will say though that there are immediate gains in soundstage size and instrument separation, there’s no denying it.
  8. Zzt231gr
    Have you tried as a power supply only?
  9. OctavianH
    How are you powering the iUSB3.0?
  10. Arniesb
    Try good Usb cable or even Double sided cable you will be even further suprised with a difference
  11. Roybenz
    Been trying the ifi ipower. And i feel that the sound gets a tad darker and smoother compared to stock power supply, but it kinda looses some of it crisp clarity with ipower, is that even possible? any one else tried ifi ipower? Its all connected to IsoTek evo 3 venus power center.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  12. TSAVAlan
    Gave it a shot on the Qutest>430HAD>Ether 2. Had the best results at 1V and 2V, preferred the 2V. Definitely a step up in dac then the included dac on the Moon.
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  13. Deftone
    You could better that $400 iusb3.0 for less than $10.

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  14. Gibson59
    I’ve already got an audioquest Carbon optical cable. I’ve been spending time comparing optical to USB connection. I enjoy both but I’m leaning towards USB... sound is bit more dynamic, better instrument separation and the vocals seem a little more forward to which I like. The optical connection has a very smooth presentation and everything is very cohesive, highs feel a touch rolled off by comparison which isn’t necessarily bad.

    I’m trying the USB implementation four different ways and getting four different results:

    1) USB straight from Mac Mini to Qutest with Qutest stock power.

    2) USB straight from Mac Mini to Qutest with iFi iUSB providing the power to Qutest.

    3) iFi iUSB between Mac Mini to Qutest with the stock Qutest power.

    4) iFi iUSB between Mac Mini to Qutest with iFi iUSB providing the power.

    I’m enjoying the experimentation so far. The great thing is each combo sounds wonderful, I just need to determine which sound is my preference. The Qutest is awesome.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  15. Gibson59
    One thing I’ve found is that using the green filter (incisive neutral with HG roll off) with the USB actually sounds a bit like the optical connection. There are some tracks where I’ve preferred the presence and dynamics of the USB implementation and some others where I’ve preferred the smoothness of the optical. So I may go with USB then just use the green filter when a song calls for it.

    I’m loving the filters because their subtle but effective.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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