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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. Currawong Contributor
    There were a couple of issues with the very first units which have been solved. As far as I can tell, they have sold a HUGE number of them. I found 15 Hugo 2 FS ads on the forums in total. Some people moved up to the DAVE, other people I don't know.
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  2. nanaholic
    You can leave it in the case when the H2 is left charging for 24hrs ie when it is in desktop mode and the battery charging circuit is bypassed.
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  3. Triode User
    Desktop mode does not bypass the battery charging circuit. Instead the battery is maintained at a lower charging voltage for longevity of the battery.
  4. nanaholic

    It’s bypassed - says so in the manual.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
    That doesn’t say bypassed... it simply means the current in=current out so no net charge.

    Earlier in the thread Rob has said the battery is not bypassed, and that the user wouldn’t want to bypass the battery (bold emphasis by me):

  6. MikeRight
    In my case I am selling one Hugo2 because Santa brought me two units at the same time :) this year I was a very good guy!

    But I am totally astonished with this DAC. Never imagine such a great sound from 800s.

    Besides I totally understand people who try to find even better sound and upgrade to Dave. I have never tried it... and I will be very careful not to do it.
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  7. myhalis
    I am not sure if such an absolute statement is true. Does this mean that the choice of a USB cable doesn't matter or USB is the same as coax? You may want to give it a shot yourself.

    Regarding re-clocking. I have used GPS time to synchronize vehicle sensor measurements. GPS time has an accuracy of several nanoseconds. How much accuracy can H2 achieve on its own and how much is necessary?

    In my listening tests, I find significant differences when I plug my Hugo 2 to recent dell laptop (the worst), iMac, ipad pro, and macbook pro. I haven't been very thorough yet but there are differences in the attack and decay of notes and how much holographic or flat the sound is. With the Utopia, I did some blind tests with a friend using Hugo 1 (not H2) and the benefits of a better USB cable were hard not to notice in a NYC apartment. For sure, H2 to my ears is not as sensitive to cables as H1. Nevertheless, my experience says that one should pay attention to both the transport and the source even if H2 does a better job than H1.

    I am tempted to try coax or the ifi micro usb3.0. However, the logical thing is to wait for the 2go poly appendix to H2. I will try. I know Rob has said that USB or coax didn't make any difference to the sound of DAVE. DAVE is not he same as H2 though.
  8. Whazzzup
    get an external server running roon core, problem solved.
  9. Peter Hyatt
    After having a dry aged steak in Geneva, Hugo2, Mojo and I researched and cooked a dry aged Prime Rib for large family Christmas dinner. Coated w butter, garlic salt and white pepper.

    It was, indeed, a success...

    For Hugo2 and Mojo.
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  10. GreenBow
    Rob Watts told us that the Hugo 2 had better RFI protection than the Hugo (1). Therefor making the sound better.

    The jitter aspect is easy to grasp though. 44100 samples arrive per second, (e.g. for CD quality music). The Chord DAC sends for these asynchronously, using a better clock than the computer source. Then when the signals arrive it clocks them again iso-synchronously. ... At least, that is what I understand. It was explained to me by Rob for the Chord Mojo. USB is iso-asynchronous.

    Secondly someone else told me that on USB if there is an error in a sample. The Chord DAC will re-send for the information, but I am not sure if that's right. Only because I can't remember who said it or where.

    Regarding cables, a good quality cable is said to make a difference because shielding prevents errors in signals. (Which kind of contradicts USB on chord DACs re-sending for data if there is an error.)

    USB though is prone to noise on the USB power lines. This noise gets into the analogue parts of the DAC. Apparently that causes a slightly brighter sound to the music and bit of listening fatigue. ... Since I heard about this, I bought an Audioquest Jitterbug and was suitably impressed how it calmed the Mojo. Whereas some people found it caused their Mojo to sound so calmed that they preferred the Mojo without the Jitterbug. I think the change is just so clear that it leaves the Mojo sounding its warmer smoother self. Something they were not used to. Brighter sound can give the impression of more detail and more soundstage. I guess then that the shock of the warmer sound was possibly too much.

    I like the Audioquest Jitterbug with my Mojo, and I am using it now with Hugo 2.
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  11. UELong
    Music is music, in whatever flavour. Maybe you should google PSAudio and read Paul McGowan's post from today about audiophiles vs snobs.
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  12. UELong
    I believe that's how USB works in general, not just for Hugo2. If better shielding can cut down on the number of errors that the H2 has to re-require, I'm in favour of whatever modification helps.
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  13. wakka992
    Hi Rob,

    when my Hugo 2 is in desktop mode (and I only use Hugo 2 as a desktop unit, thanks for the handy remote BTW), do you think a 1A charger would be better than the stock 2.1A one, as less current to dissipate the better?

  14. yoghurtlidlicker
    it must be 2.1A otherwise it won't work.
  15. Whazzzup
    Do you think the designer would endorse going off spec?

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