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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. GreenBow
    RE: My question earlier I the thread about losing first half second when first starting playing music. It might be an error on my part. JRiver is doing something else a bit odd too. Like I can't input a gap for switching tracks; I always get immediate.
  2. miketlse
  3. Ike1985
    I'm assuming it's always plugged in. I would suggest you don't have it charging when you're listening to it. There is a loud hum from my H2 if I'm listening when charging, I believe this is from having extremely sensitive IEMs(64 Audio A18t), I get much better sound quality if I'm listening without charging although I would suspect the effect is far less noticeable when using over ears.
  4. Ike1985
    The Mscaler is $5k, with a Hugo2 you could be coming close to Dave territory. Dave without a doubt over both MScaler and H2.
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  5. 21qz
    Sorry who is rob watts? lol Also please tell me this is "Endgame" worthy setup?
  6. JM1979
    He's a guy so skilled at engineering audio electronics that science named 'Watts' after him.

    He also founded Chord.
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  7. 21qz
    Question, I'm getting into some really pricey stuff and honestly at the same time I'm hoping not to cross "overkill" territory. That's probably inevitable, but here is what i'm not/ or looking for.
    Really really good sound, the obvious. PC>USB>DAC/AMP>Headphones. Compact would be great, but portable is not that important. Most likely the headphones would be plugged in by 1/4 stereo, 3.5, or balanced.
    Not to big on XLR's. As far as quality goes does USB in/out make any difference or XLR's. Sorry for the stupid questions. You guys are super helpful, thank you!

    I listed to some DSD/TIDAL/24bit FLACs
  8. CreditingKarma

    I actually paid $6,500usd for both the h2 and mscaler. The Dave is around $12,000usd so almost double the cost of this combo. It is important to find a good dealer preferably local and build a relationship with them. You help them by purchasing from them and they become invaluable in terms of helping to build a great system.

    If you go with the h2 you can also upgrade to the tt2 or Dave further down the road. I wouldn't under estimate the h2 mscaler combo. Many are using the qutest with the mscaler and the h2 is the same dac as the qutest. Just my two cents.
    The h2 is also damn good on it's own Mscaler just brings it to another level.
  9. Law87

    if you are not looking into high end headphone...stick to something like a Schiit combo, Chord sounds good but it is costly, if you got deep pockets then you shouldnt even be asking this question. Depend on what headphone you get, what type of music you like. Dont buy a Chord if you want enhance bass and/or treble, you will be sorely disappointed, this is reference and it is revealing.

    For portability, try the IFI micro BL first, then the Mojo, then original Hugo then Hugo 2.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  10. x RELIC x Contributor
    Nope. John Franks founded Chord. Rob Watts designs DACs for Chord as an independent contractor.

    Rob has designed audio gear since the 80’s for many large companies and has since forged his own path to implement his own ideas for audio reproduction, and his approach to DACs is different from everyone else’s (Pulse Array DAC, etc..). Seems to have paid off.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  11. Progisus
    If you are using the computer as a source, I could suggest trying HQPlayer on the PC instead of mscaler and the H2 as your dac. This will give close to mscaler filter for a fraction of the cost. Just a suggestion that is working for my budget.
  12. 514077
    II mean it described buttons on the Poly. I hope and assume that feature will be transferred to the possible 2go.
  13. 514077
    He did not. John Franks founded Chord. Rob Watts is an independent contractor who developed the coding for Chord DACs.
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  14. flyte3333
    Maybe a question for @Rob Watts

    Hi Rob, is there any technical mechanism possible for a ground loop 'hum' with Hugo2 if there is only the PSU and headphones connected to Hugo2 and there is no source connected? i.e. there is no 'loop'?
  15. DaneNoodles
    Wish they had a wall-wart version at the same price.

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