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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. ZappaMan
    probably not without taking a lot of abuse. I think hifi products are so over priced, its crazy, but they count on us being crazy to pay for them. Then there is the whole secondary market, of people just making up crazy prices for cables that could be manufactured for a tenth of the retail value. So, the end customer is really getting fooked over big time, no doubt about that.
    but at the price point, mojo gets you as far as you need to go, its overpowered (but they kept that quiet), i listen to mojo every day at work, and you get as much out of it as you choose to concentrate and listen too. Adding better headphones to mojo is a great way to spend your money I'd suggest.
    I have 8k mscaler\tt2 sitting on my desk, and they are great, really are, but i could have got by with mojo just fine.
    I'm just saying this, to add some balance, for anyone thinking, they must have these products, you dont, you get used to them and you dont even hear then magic when that happens!
    Ultimately, to spend thousands, you really need to be sure or have plenty of expendable cash. Do you just listen casually, is it background music etc etc.

    I see 'confessions of an audiophile' on youtube, and the guy there is saying something similar, he says, he really only needs to listen to music at his pc, if he had a cool setup for that, that would do him. But he had spent tens of thousands on uber high end kit for his 'listening room', but on reflection, its not a wise way to behave unless you have the cash or the time.

    What do i know anyway, and i'm a hypocrite as i get lots of enjoyment from my kit, but i might just do it, i might just solely use mojo for a month and see if my life \ enjoyment of music is any worse :)

    ps, i'm not saying chord are gready, but once everyone in the chain gets their cut, its certainly expensive for the customers
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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  2. Whazzzup
    zappa it needed to be said. Also upgrades pray on insecurities, which i don't get. If you like you're music be happy, its end game no matter what anyone says, but head fi is there for those that need to know, or keep up with the jones's. Not knocking i find head fi fascinating from a don't get to close perspective
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  3. miketlse
    I will have a go based on the criteria that you mentioned, but this will represent my personal opinion, and not everyone will agree.

    I am like many owners on the Chord threads, in that I bought a Mojo, then upgraded to a Hugo 2. Some of those owners then upgraded to the TT2 or DAVE.

    The Mojo was a revelation, and I found that I was enjoying music again - both my existing collection (and hearing new things in tracks, that were previously masked) plus completely new to me genres like jazz.
    Mojo was the best performer that I had listened to in the price range. In fact the Mojo performed such magic with RBCD, files, that I decided that I no longer needed to lust after paying for expensive hires copies of files.
    I found that I preferred using the optical input because that provided the most neutral sound, compared to usb which did exhibit a marginally brighter sound - other owners have the opposite preference.
    Would the Mojo satisfy your criteria?
    Yes, I believe so, based as follows:
    • compact and portable
    • you have optical and usb, so you are not restricted there
    • you are restricted to 3.5 for headphones, but that is not a showstopper
    • cheap, for the performance that it offers
    So pausing on the Mojo plateau, and rediscovering your music again, is a perfectly reasonable strategy.

    Why spend more, and buy a Hugo 2?
    The Mojo is great, but to me the Hugo 2 improves on most aspects, plus adds flexibility as to whether 3.5 or 1/4 headphone plugs, can direct drive speakers (provided you do not want to listen to loud music), future proofed by connectivity to MScaler.
    The downside for you is that it costs more.
    Hope this personal view helps in some way.
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  4. 21qz
    I’m currently running with a grace m9xx, just looking for a noticeable upgrade. Thanks for all the wisdom guys!
  5. Scrum92
    I too upgraded from Mojo and for what it's worth part of the appeal of Hugo 2 was the desktop mode. Hugo 2 is as much a desktop all-in-one as it is transportable. That's not to say that Mojo cannot be used as a static, desktop device because many, like I did, do just that.

    Personally I kept a USB cable handy on my desk and let the battery run down, but some prefer to leave it permanently plugged in.
  6. Northern Light
    Thanks @Rob Watts for shipping in on the issue of hum. To clarify, do you describe the scenario of humming when touching the Hugo, or the humming disappearing when one touches the Hugo? I am having problem with the latter...For the former, ifi believes to provide an earthing solution, if I understand their website correctly. But what about a humming that disappears when touching the Hugo? Would the same solution work too?

    Many thanks!!
  7. Ike1985
    I have been trying to stop the hum for some time now with Hugo2 when it's charging. It's loud so I do everything I can to not use it while charging. I am also familiar with the itchy-shock-tingle sensation as my right ear consistently does this when it's charging and also the EMI/RF is louder on the right side. I am looking into the ISO Regen as a possible solution, I really want to solve this.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  8. Triode User
    Sorry to hear of your issues. I am interested in what the EMI/RF noise sounds like on the right. I have only ever heard RF noise as a slight hardening of the treble and not as an individual noise in its own right.
  9. Ike1985
    BEEP BEEP SHOOSH SCRRRRRRR BACKGROUND STATIC NOISE THROUGHOUT BEEP BEEP BEEP. It changes with whatever youre doing, for example if i'm downloading a flac album and streaming it's awful. Sometimes moving the phone around (phone establishes a better signal) makes it better. Sounds like annoying static with beeps.
  10. Triode User
    Have you got a router nearby?
  11. flyte3333
    Didn't we discuss the iFi Groundhog 3 months ago?


    You said a Groundhog was on the way... Did you try it?

    I mentioned last time that it's expensive for what it does (USD49) but if someone doesn't want to DIY, it might be an easy option. Especially if you can try without risk via Amazon..

    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  12. Hooster
    I would just enjoy the Grace I I were you. I am sure it is pretty good.
  13. musickid
    I would buy hugo2/2go for a real lasting system and solid investment.
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  14. Northern Light
    If I understand ifi correctly, the Groundhog is designed to work if humming increases when touching — they call it their “touch test” . In our cases, the humming stops when touching the Hugo. Would the same cure work?

  15. flyte3333
    Rob's mentioned that Hugo2 needs to be grounded in your case. The Groundhog will help to ground Hugo2 (or your USB source...).

    As mentioned above you can ground Hugo2 (or USB source) for way less than USD49 if you're ok with DIY, otherwise it's a good solution.

    As mentioned, if you can try it risk free (refund if it doesn't work) then I would just order it and try for your system.

    If you click that link above, there was a discussion about Groundhog. From memory I included a screenshot of the manual... Otherwise just pull up the manual on the iFi website.

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