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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. burbster
    Will try that now, temporarily of course!
  2. adyc

    If the circuit is floating, there can’t be any ground hum. However, some Hi-Fi equipment manufacturers require ground to function. But I know that some Japanese audiophiles float their Hi-Fi circuit to improve sound.
  3. burbster
    Just tried that, hum virtually goes, a lot quieter.
  4. adyc
    Are you prepared to use figure 8 power cable? Or better send back to Chord to examine.
  5. burbster
    I think I will take it back to dealer tomorrow to see if fault is replicated in shop. Also a factory has come on line recently in the vicinity. I am not clear exactly what they do but they seem to occasionally start a process that results in a low drone. This drone has now been constant for the last 48 hours, which is when this fault became constant. So just wondering are they putting out some noise on the power line that the DAVE is sensitive to and the niagara cant clean? If DAVE is ok in shop may try a UPS running on battery only, just to prove it is incoming supply.
  6. Triode User
    That doesn’t mean the Dave is the culprit. I would stick with the plan of taking it to the dealer and trying it in his system. Or better still borrow a Dave from him and see if that hums in your system.
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  7. thomaskong78
    If you order isolation transformer, then you may return it if it does not work or improve the sound at least in US.
  8. adyc

    Maybe. But I know that my DAVE is quite sensitive to electrical noise. I once had a noisy electrical equipment on the same circuit as DAVE. Turning on and off that equipment will cause DAVE to go haywire which the other equipments on the same circuit are not affected.
  9. watermad
    Chord DAVE Mechanical Isolation with Nordost Sort Kone

    I have used the Nordost Sort Fut under my Hi-Fi Rack to good effect and thinking of the Sort Kones https://nordost.com/sort-systems/sort-kone.php under my DAVE.

    Is anyone using the Nordost Sort Kones under their DAVE, I'd appreciate your views, positive or negative.
  10. tunes
    I am considering purchasing either the Benchmark AHB2 or the HPA4 for use with CHORD DAVE and Susvara and or Abyss PHI TC. Has anyone compared the AHB2 to the HPA4 yet with Susvara.....? I was also considering the PASS Labs XA25 but don’t really want an amp that runs super hot and requires a long on time to get to peak sound. That’s why I gave up on tube amps.
  11. GryphonGuy
    I sat in the Singapore Nordost dealer's showroom recently for a demo of the Nordost Kone System. The dealer was extremely eager to show the impact of Nordost Kones EVEN on power strips he had on the floor. So he played a track of a female singer standing in front of a grand piano. She was about 1 metre in front of the piano. Wonderful soundstaging and precise. He then said listen to the Kones JUST under the power-strip feeding the rack with electricity.

    I listened. The upper registers of the music had become slightly emphasised and slightly harsh. The singer was now in the same space as the piano. The soundstage had collapsed. I said to the dealer, these Kones must be introducing vibrations BECAUSE the pristine soundstage had collapsed (nothing else was changed). He said never mind about that (I don't think he understood my English). Did you hear the difference these cones make? I said yes. He said how many would you like to buy. When I said none because they degraded his demo system, he obviously heard that, he was stunned and did not answer. He just let me walk out.

    YMMV as always. But from my demo of the Nordost Kones, they killed the soundstage (regardless of the metal composition of the tip).

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  12. nikhilthemeal
    Excited to be getting a Chord Dave in soon! Hopefully it has sufficient power for a Sennheiser HD 820 and is worth the money lol
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  13. ZappaMan
    Colour? Killer black ?
  14. nikhilthemeal
    Yes killer black indeed. I am so excited to see the combo aesthetically with the black and the glass. DROOOOL
    Deftone likes this.
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    The most expensive electronics component of my life, but also the best one – beside the Hugo M Scaler.

    Don't worry, the HD 820 is an easy load for it! (It's the best «amp» for my frequently used HD 800 I can think of.)
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