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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. townes
    Reading the Dave user manual, I understand that Dave has two analogue outputs (XLR, RCA), which are both active at the same time.
    Can the volume be adjusted independently for each of these? If yes, would this be possible:
    - setting the attenuation for balanced output to fixed level (0 dB)
    - setting the RCA output to variable level and using the remote control for adjustment?
  2. Triode User
    Sorry but the answer to all your questions is 'no'.
  3. townes
    Anyway, thank you very much for your answer. That's appreciated.
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  4. ubs28
    Probably it has been discussed before, but what is your guys opinion about optical vs USB audio? So far, the optical connection is not the same as my UBS optimized signal path from my computer. But perhaps it is because I am using a cheap optical cable (and maybe a better optical cable will improve results?).

    Also I assume the Chord Dave doesn’t support HMDI ARC for audio? :p
  5. Deano1974
    IMG-20190621-WA0008.jpeg IMG-20190621-WA0017.jpeg IMG-20190621-WA0015.jpeg IMG-20190621-WA0013.jpeg After 4 weeks of waiting, My christmas morning finally arrived and after only 1hr with Dave & HMS all I can say is wow wow wow the difference between Qutest and Dave with M Scaler is huge

    Thanks to everyone for their advice on the upgrade


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  6. Deftone
    Congrats man, dave looks awesome in black.
  7. musickid
    Congratulations Deano! Are you using headphones or speakers?
  8. Deano1974
    Thank you
  9. Deano1974
    Hey Musickid thank you!

    I'm using speakers, Klipsch La Scala II's and Primaluna Dialogue HP monoblocks
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  10. Deano1974
    A quick question over on audio bacon, Jay said that he prefers bnc input 3&4 into the Dave rathan than using bnc input 1&2 has anyone here heard any difference

    Your thoughts?


  11. iDesign
    There is no audible difference. For some DAVE owners there were dropouts using the M Scaler and the solution was to use BNC 3+4 instead. Beyond that, any claimed differences in sound are baseless nonsense.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  12. Triode User
    Well it is not quite baseless nonsense because BNC inputs 3 and 4 are further away from the Dave analogue outputs so the logic is that any RF noise piggy backing on the BNC cables is nearer to a route into the analogue side of Dave if BNC inputs 1 and 2 are used.
  13. Deano1974
    Thank you, I couldn't hear any difference also
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  14. Deano1974
  15. iDesign
    That’s not logic, it’s unfounded speculation that isn’t backed up and belongs in the audio science forum. It’s unfortunate that so many posts here are devoted to RF and to the extent they unfairly devalue the DAVE and have alienated so many contributors from this thread.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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