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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. nikhilthemeal
    Awesome that's reassuring to hear hahaha. Mscaler is also my next steps in the future, right now though my wallet is flat as paper. I might swap out the hd 820 in the near future as I dont need a closed back but for the time being I expect great things from this combo.

    Out of curiosity what is your favorite pairing with the DAVE?
  2. simorag
    Same here!

    A huge bonus of the DAVE - in addition to its already outstanding virtues as a DAC, which is quite a thing - is its versatility as a DAC / preamplifier / headphone amp. Several other audio components can do the same, but very few are top level in all three working conditions.

    I am now in the process of changing my amplifier (willing to try high power speaker amp for my Abyss and my speakers). The DAVE allows me to first sell my current amp to raise the funds, then take all the time I need to choose my next amp, as I can enjoy my headphones system at most of its potential in the interim. Also, I have the freedom to choose between a power amplifier and an integrated at my pleasure.

    Getting the DAVE as the main pillar of my rig has turned out to work very well strategically in my case, especially since the M Scaler has been made available.

    Quite an investment, but these guys are going to stay in my system for several years :)
  3. JaZZ Contributor
    Currently I like the HE1000se most. It's virtually flawless to my ears and has incredible resolution and extension to both frequency extremes. I use some subtle EQ corrections, though. My (modified) HD 800 – with larger EQ corrections – also gets frequent use, followed by Electrostat 1 (with Stax Lambda Pro drivers) .
  4. Deano1974
    Yes! She is super sexy in black IMG_20190623_170048.jpg IMG_20190623_165913.jpg IMG_20190623_164009.jpg IMG_20190623_164028.jpg IMG_20190623_165940.jpg
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  5. Deano1974
    Hi Guys,

    After reading online that many reviewers and owners of the Dave had stated that Dave used as a preamp was astounding!

    I was a little miffed!

    I initially setup Dave on day one as Preamp/Dac and was not impressed, actully I was quite disappointed, so I swapped back to my LDR preamp, and was loving the sound and emotion

    Then last night, I had a eureka moment and thought I wonder if after nearly 2 weeks of use and run in period if Dave's preamp sound would have changed

    So with that I swapped over the cables and switched Dave from DAC only mode to Preamp/Dac and listened intently,

    Wow, wow, wow, everything was different, and the clarity, and layering had significantly changed for the better.

    Now I get it, and yes the preamp section of Dave is amazing, if you have only ever heard Dave's preamp section before the full run in period and thought it sound a little flat and thin, I would strongly suggest you give Dave another go as a Preamp/Dac

    The difference after run in period is literally night and day

    Anyways just my opinion,

    I thought I would share and would like to hear if other members here have had the same experience?

    Thanks for reading


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  6. nikhilthemeal
    Those are gorgeous pictures. Cannot wait for my unit to arrive, will definitely share pics in this thread once it arrives!
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  7. Deano1974
    Dave is going to blow your mind
  8. nikhilthemeal
    I've heard it a few times at show settings, it sounded very effortless in its sound reproduction, but of course it was so loud in the background thus my impressions were very sub-optimal. Definitely a lot to look forward to in my quiet controlled environment with music I know.
  9. x RELIC x Contributor
    Interesting given that the ‘preamp section’ is just digital volume control and there is only one output stage, the same simple output stage, used in all modes (nothing is changed or bypassed in the hardware).

    Volume differences are all I can logically think of for any difference between modes.
  10. Deano1974
    Thanks for the input, and yes I understand too the system is not different and maybe it could be just my ears, but there were 3 of us listening straight out of the box and there was definitely a a big difference

    Very strange, maybe the difference is Dave was not run in, I don't know, hard to explain

    Maybe I'm the only one who has experienced this, I don't know
  11. Deftone
    It should have plenty of power, synergy could be the problem.
  12. Deftone
    I dont think there is a pre amp section in dave and i also didnt know Chord DACs required a burn in period?
  13. GryphonGuy
    Yes 3 output modes. DAC Mode (full volume or no volume control), Digital Pre-amp (volume control) or headphone (no output from XLR or RCA at the back).

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  14. Deftone
    Then isnt that just volume preset for each one then like Relic said and not an actual "pre amp section"?
  15. nikhilthemeal
    Quick question to anyone who has experience. Do power cables make a significant difference with the Dave? Currently eyeing a Naim Powerline or Siltech Ruby Mountain II
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