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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. skootb
    software update?
  2. Foxman50
    How do you check the software version
  3. Mikey99
    I believe flash memory can be updated at the factory.
  4. supabayes
    I was told by my dealer. No idea what it meant. I didn’t observe any difference in the behaviour of the unit or sound quality.
  5. iDesign
    Exactly. Allow Chord the opportunity to repair the unit again before posting about it publicly and causing others to speculate-- no one here has serviced a DAVE and can guide you. Chord never sold it claiming it was reliable.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  6. supabayes
    It’s not about speculating but sharing repair and fault information. No reason not to share factual information as I received from my dealer on what was done for the first repair and the fault that my Dave is having now.
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  7. ecwl
    I think you’ve been really unlucky but I would trust the Chord repair process. Having followed Chord forums for a while, I think their unit failure rate is very low. My Chord DAVE and Etude are rock solid. My Chord QBD76 actually skips when it played 24-bit music and I didn’t realize it until I upgraded to QBD76HDSD. After the upgrade, the unit was sent back to Chord for repair and the unit has been rock solid since. My Blu2 did have to be sent back to Chord a couple of times before it’s fully functional and once again it’s rock solid since.
    I know it really sucks when you realize your unit is broken but it’s mostly just bad luck from my experience whenever my audio gear breaks. The positive side is that the Chord repair services always take care of you.
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  8. STR-1
    This is the first I have heard about software being updated for the DAVE. I’ve already negotiated with Chord for them to collect my DAVE for repair just as soon as I finish with the loan of a piece of equipment I am trying out. The problem is with the on/off switch at the back. It will be interesting to find out from the feedback whether the repair has included a software upgrade, and if it has, what exactly has been updated.
  9. Mikey99
    I was having an issue with drop-outs on the DAVE when connecting to HMS, which may have been a software issue according to a post by Rob Watts. My dealer contacted Chord and they said they could fix it at the factory by updating flash memory. However it was easier logistics for them and me to replace my relatively new unit, so that is what they did. No problem now.

    So I deduce from this that software in an existing DAVE can be updated. But I have no idea if there are newer versions or not.
  10. PhenixS1970
    I have DAVE since a few weeks now. I use it exclusively in DAC mode and with headphones. However, if I put it in standy mode and power back on with the remote it always boots in pre amp mode. Isn’t DAVE supposed to retain the DAC mode setting? Thanks in advance for your feedback :wink:

    BE distributor answered this question. Query closed.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  11. odessamarin
    .. and what was the answer?

    I am also happy Dave owner for 2 days )
    Small first impression.. i found it better listened balanced output with amp, at least with my Grado.
    It's night and day in compare to the direct SE output. Main difference space 3 dimensionality of the soundstage.
    If I would give few best words to describe Dave sound, after you hear it for the first time is - clean (transparent) and neutral.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  12. PhenixS1970
    Hi Odessamarin,

    Congratulations :) He said it’s normal behaviour and can be considered a safety measure to avoid sending a full load to the speakers. That would be an issue when connecting a power amp to DAVE and not paying attention (ok....you would notice, lol).
    odessamarin likes this.
  13. odessamarin

    thanx.. you too!
    But it think DAC mode is the same as 0dB pre amp mode. Correct? can somebody confirm please..
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  14. ecwl
    3V is DAC mode which is -3dB on pre-amp mode.
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  15. odessamarin
    Perfect thx. So the same results if you set pre amp mode to -3dB is when you put Dave in DAC mode.
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