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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. maxh22
    I think I know why Rob does not recommend the kabeldirekt optical and it may have to do with his laptops 3.5mm port. On my Msi labtop the the 3.5mm can occasionally get stuck and a few times it even popped out the metal ring. Since the OP’s source is using a standard jack this won’t be an issue..
  2. Paul Bjernklo
    Hi, I did not say in my post that Rob W did not recommend Kabeldirekt optical. I referred to an old post where Rob said along the lines that any good quality cable will do the job and that he had good experience with Kabeldirekt. Rob may use the stock cables for all I know...

    Edit: Found the post from Rob: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cho...official-thread.831345/page-156#post-13378988
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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  3. PhenixS1970
    I picked up my silver DAVE at the distributor late afternoon today. Hooked it up...pressed play...and was stunned. The timing of this little demon is amazing. I have been using a Resolution Audio Cantata dac for many years and had it upgraded to 3.0 in 2017...no puppy either. I like both very much :) but I wanted to simplify my system for headfi/2 channel. Gave my gf a quick demo with the track ‘Liberty’ from Anette Askvik....got a loud WOW in return :) Mission accomplished (surely I’ll add an m-scaler in summertime).
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  4. musicday
    Congratulations. What headphones are you using and have you heard the TT2? Let us know more about what you hear in your setup once you have more time:)
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  5. PhenixS1970
    Thank you, musicday. I mainly listen with the Focal Utopia (I also have some midrange Grado headphones but I use these more for 'fun' and portable listen with Mojo/Poly). I didn't hear the TT2 as my mind was set on getting a DAVE one day. Seems that TT2 + HMS possibly/certainly(?) beats a solo DAVE but for me adding an HMS would be the next upgrade path and something to look forward to in a couple of months. I did listen to the DAVE/Utopia last night..and just didn't want to stop :) I'll report back when I had some more time to get used to my new setup (In my 2 channel setup at first glance the Cantata sounded a bit darker but DAVE certainly sounds more 3D).
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  6. Deftone
    The design of the RA Cantata is beautiful, i wonder if thats where Mytek got their inspiration from especially Manhattan2 or a unlikely coincidence.
  7. musickid
    While some of us tantalise their girlfriends with dave's others lead a solitary bachelors life with only their hugo 2's and mscalers to keep them warm at night......oh my......:triportsad:
  8. PhenixS1970
    So it’s been a few days days now since I have DAVE....this is such a great dac :) For completeness on the ‘toslink compatibility’ I can confirm that the stock cable streams 192kh without issues with a BlueSound Node 2. However, my Audioquest Diamond is limited to 96khz. That has been reported here before but with the Audioquest-BlueSound-Resolution Audio Cantata I was also limited to 96khz. As the Audioquest ‘locks’ on DAVE end and not on the BlueSound I suspect it’s the streamer which causes the khz limitation. I didn’t bother to further troubleshoot this with The Cantata as I only had a few 192khz albums but somehow DAVE compelled me to $ on a Qobuz highrez subscription :).
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  9. naynay
    RCA Cables .jpg Anyone thinking of trying Dave direct from RCA to Banana terminal speakers at a low cost these sound great at £11.50 each.
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  10. sneeze
    Does anyone know, it is possible to switch 110v to 220V to chord qbd76?
  11. Mojo ideas
    It automatically configures itself between input voltages so you don’t have to do anything.
  12. sneeze
    Really? It's great! All models? QBD76 HDSD too?
  13. WilliamWykeham
    If anyone is is in NYC, has a Dave, and wants to hear a SR1a (I sold my Utopia after hearing), I am trying to do an A/B test of my Qutest vs a Dave. I have an Mscaler too. I might be able to get my friend to bring a Pavane as well, which really impressed me on first listen (see @Torq review)
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  14. lithiumnk
    I had compared my pavaneL3/ambre with my friends hms-Dave on headtrip->Abyss phi/susvara/AT adx5000. I enjoyed Dave more with mscaler than Dave alone.It was a nice experience.
    Btw I prefer NOS sound signature.(sold my hugo2 after listening to Metrum Onyx) Both hms-dave & pavane sound stellar to me.
    SR1A has gathered rave reviews. I like their design concept & tech.
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  15. music_man
    I find $3,600 1 Meter Transparent 75 Ohm better than any optical. That being said latest firmware of Direct Stream Senior has surpassed Dave here. As well as QX-5 Twenty. It is getting close to my Select DAC II with double powerbases, fully upgraded. A few more Rev's and he might just have the last word. Worth checking out as it is only $7,000 with Bridge. Which makes it ROON and everything else.
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