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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. flyte3333
    A year you'd rather forget? King James or Cavs... take your pick... :o2smile:

    Great gear you have all around (exercise room and main room with Kii3's)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  2. MaggotBrain
    I’m sure many folks here can relate with the conversation I had with my doctor recently (and, I swear, this actually happened):

    Doctor: Your cholesterol is normal now. I understand you don’t smoke or drink. You have been working out regularly and you start everyday with a veggie smoothie. I’m really impressed. Tell me, do you have any vices?
    Me (chuckling): Hi-fi equipment. I like to have my wallet lose weight with me.

    The Cavs and LeBron have had better years, to be sure...but this disappointment was buoyed by the latest addition to the workout/listening room: a pair of ATC SCM ASL 100s!

    Because of my good experience with the Kiis, I was looking for a great pair of amped speakers needing an assist from the MScaler/Dave. I honestly couldn’t be more pleased. I usually have a four figure rule for audio purchases but was willing to pay the price for an end game setup. I actually spend more time listening to these than the Kiis now, which says a lot, because to listen to these properly I made it so I have to actually be working out on the adaptive motion trainer (tricky, huh?) The Kiis hit like Mayweather, but the ATCs pound you like Tyson...and I can attest, having to lift these 140 pound suckers five feet up that these are definitely in a different weight class. I wanted the speaker equivalent of the Abyss 1266, and I’m happy to say I’ve found it.
  3. Triode User
    Great to hear about your ATC SCM 100ASL speakers (I have the 150 version). I have not heard the Kiis but I have heard the Dutch & Dutch and compared to my Dave and ATC actives I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. Bass was the first thing I noticed as not being up to what I expected. Interestingly I have been told by two different people that for some reason they thought that the Kiis and D&D actually sound better when fed an analogue signal from Dave than they do when fed a digital signal direct.
  4. AndrewOld
    I heard the Dutch and Dutch the other day, and thought they were not very good at all, unless you like electronic music perhaps. Pity because they are small, light, have lots of smart DSP and cardioid technology. But nowhere near ATC for sheer, solid musical credibility.
  5. ecwl
    In many ways, this should not be a surprise. ATC uses analog crossover and class AB amps whereas Kii and D&D would involve ADC and class D amp which would worsen the timing accuracy significantly (even if the digital crossover offers a flatter and better frequency (and phase) response). Moreover, when DAVE is feeding Kii or D&D, the speakers’ ADC is probably digitizing at 96 or 192kHz whereas feeding Kii or D&D bitperfect CD 44kHz materials means using the inferior upsampling on their DACs compared to the superior one from DAVE.
  6. flyte3333
    I assumed @Triode User heard the D&D 8C’s fed by digital signal? So no DD (double DAC lol) at play here?

    I thought the comment about double DAC applied only to what he heard from others?
  7. Triode User
    Yes, correct.
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  8. odessamarin
    .. having my first weekend with DAVE i get an interesting impression that describe how Dave can sound LIVE.
    There was a moment in Audiophile Voices DSD - track 6, Round Mudnight.. I was so inside music mood.. then I did small cough, and I was embarrassed to disturb singer.. can you imagine this LOL.
    I mean, I really feels it. Unbelievable. Crazy staff. Just wow.

    .. Oh, and another one..on some tracks I have weird feelings, that voice of singer coming from my mouth. The sound stage is so real.. SO WEIRD. Do you have it? Or it's time to visit a doctor ))))

    I think all this is an examples how our brain can realistically perceive sound when it well reconstructed... the music performance just became real.
    I mean... yes all this is very pricey "toys" (DAC, AMP, Headphones) but at the end you may have a tool to actually almost visit this concerts, not just listen :wink: Isn't it priceless?!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  9. musickid
    And for everything else there's mastercard......:deadhorse:
  10. odessamarin
    .. other observation. I think this "magic" Dave doing is not for free. What I found is that Dave elaborate signal mach more than other DAC i have. It always output audio results 200 - 300 ms later then others.
    I think it's a quiet delay... Dave works hard on processing if it keeps data inside for that long.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  11. Foxman50
    @Rob Watts, Can you tell me if there is a maximum level Dave should be turned up too on both XLR and RCA outputs.

    I use XLR outputs to my amp, but found that the 6v drives the amp input to hard. Luckily my amp has variable input sens which ive increased from 4v to 8v which cures the issue.

    However this has resulted in turning Dave up to 0db, and wondered what the max volume could be before any nasties start to show, or become audible.
  12. GryphonGuy
    DAVE certainly processes music data. I have never thought to time it as the accurate transients, timbre and soundstaging of the recording is what DAVE is all about.

    If your favourite story teller takes a fraction longer to tell a story than one not so funny or entertaining, the slight delay is absolutely worth it if you notice such things.

  13. Rob Watts
    You need to be at +3 dB on the volume control before any possibility of clipping with Dave. With the M scaler attached it is +6dB.
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  14. musickid
    Can someone explain why it is +6dB with mscaler attached?
  15. Triode User
    The Mscaler reduces the Dave output level by 3dB so +6dB with mscaler is the same volume as +3dB without mscaler.
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